Professional Service

Service to the Profession

Editorial Board

Advisory Panel

  • Advisory Panelist, Elsevier Advisory Panel, 2017 - present

Guest Editor of Journal Issues

  1. Lead Guest Editor, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making supplement: "Selected Extended Articles from the 2nd International Workshop on Semantics-Powered Data Analytics" (SCIE, Impact Factor: 2.13) (Guest editing with Drs. Cui Tao, Jiang Bian, Rui Zhang, and Jingshan Huang)
  2. Guest Editor, Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing Special Issue on "Natural Language Processing Empowered Mobile Computing" (SCIE, Impact Factor: 0.87) (Guest editing with Drs. Tianyong Hao, Raymond Wong, Haoran Xie, Tak-Lam Wong, and Fu Lee Wang)
  3. Lead Guest Editor, Journal of Healthcare Engineering Special Issue on "Semantic-Powered Healthcare Engineering and Data Analytics" (SCIE, Impact Factor: 1.26) (Guest editing with Drs. Cui Tao, Michel Dumontier, Jiang Bian, and William Hogan)

Conference/Workshop Organizer

Program Committee Member

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Service to Florida State University

Service to College of Communication and Information

  • Member, Academic Affairs Committee, College of Communication and Information, 2017 - Present

Service to School of Information

  • Co-Chair, Education Committee, School of Information, 2018 Fall - Present
  • Member, Operation Committee, School of Information, 2018 Fall - Present (in charge of renovation of the Health IT Lab)
  • Member, Education Committee, School of Information, 2017 Fall - 2018 Spring
  • Member, Outreach Committee, School of Information, 2016
  • Member, Faculty Search Committee, School of Information, 2016, 2017
  • Member, Research Committee, School of Information, 2015 - 2018

Service to New Jersey Institute of Technology