Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
  • Instructor, LIS 5916 Issues in Information Studies: Data Mining Methods and Applications, Spring 2017 (Canvas Site(SPCI l Instructor Rating: 4.77/5.00)
    • Level: Graduate
    • Mode of instruction: Online
    • New course development
    • Students will learn basic concepts and tools for data analytics, including: data sources, data cleaning tools and methods, clustering analysis, association rule mining, predictive modeling, text mining. Students will also learn how data analytics are used in healthcare.

  • Instructor, LIS 5788 Management of Health Information Technology, Fall 2016 (Canvas Site(SPCI #13 Overall Instructor Rating: 5.00/5.00)
    • Level: Graduate
    • Mode of instruction: Online
    • This course is designed to develop a conceptual framework for integrating fundamental health information technology management concepts, principles, policies, theories, and practice into an effective personal management process that relates to health related organizations.

  • Instructor, LIS 4930 Special Topics in Information Studies: Data Analytics, Spring 2016 (Canvas Site(SPCI #13 Overall Instructor Rating: 4.71/5.00), Spring 2017 (Canvas Site(SPCI #13 Overall Instructor Rating: 4.33/5.00)
    • Level: Undergraduate
    • Mode of instruction: Face-to-face
    • New course development
    • This course provides an introduction to data analytics, which is defined as the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, predictive and exploratory models to drive decisions and actions. Students will learn basic concepts and tools for data analytics, including common algorithms used to mine data (e.g., clustering and association rule mining), basic statistical modeling (e.g., linear and non-linear regression), mainstream tools for data mining (e.g., Weka, Orange Data Mining), and text mining (MetaMap).

  • Instructor, LIS 5782 Database Management Systems, Fall 2015 (SPCI #13 Overall Instructor Rating: 4.64/5.00), Fall 2016 (Canvas Site(SPCI #13 Overall Instructor Rating: 4.54/5.00), Fall 2017
    • Level: Graduate
    • Mode of instruction: Online
    • The course covers the principles of database design and implementation including relational concepts, data modeling, conceptual and logical database design, use of SQL as a data-manipulation language, and current issues in database administration.

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ 
  • Instructor, CS 103 Computer Science - Business Problem (Undergraduate), Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013 
  • Instructor, CS 104 Computer Programming and Graph Problems (Undergraduate), Fall 2010, Fall 2011 
  • Lab Instructor, CS114A Computer Science II (Undergraduate), Fall 2009, Spring 2010 
  • Teaching Assistant, CS 332 Principle of Operating System (Undergraduate), Spring 2011
  • Teaching Assistant, CS 610 Data Structure (Graduate), Spring 2011 
  • Mentor, Development team of the Neighborhood Auditing Tool, Spring 2009
Columbia University, New York, NY
  • Teaching Assistant, Computer Science W 4111 Introduction to Databases (Graduate level), instructor: L. Gravano. Fall 2008