Sigma Chapter Statement

From the constitution of the Sigma Chapter: The purposes for which this chapter is organized are:

  • To recognize, promote, and foster high academic achievement and continued educational goals for graduate students.
  • To provide service to graduate students and graduate student organizations at New Jersey Institute of Technology.
  • To encourage and support development of all graduate student organizations at New Jersey Institute of Technology. A goal of this development is recognition of the diversity of the NJIT student body and its contribution to the education of all students at NJIT.
NJIT Mission Statement:

New Jersey Institute of Technology is a comprehensive technological university committed both to anticipating and responding to change. The university's primary function is to educate broadly a wide range of students to achieve their full human potential, preparing them for entry into professional positions, continued formal studies and lifelong learning. The university seeks to expand knowledge through research and scholarly activities with a strong applications orientation. As a public institution, NJIT is closely linked to the state's economy. As an urban institution, NJIT is an active member of a complex and dynamic community. In all elements of its mission, the university focuses on the development of the technological enterprise, strives to be responsive to its many constituencies and aspires to the highest standards of excellence.