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HeeksCNC 1.0 bug fixes

posted 7 Apr 2014, 03:15 by Dan Heeks   [ updated 26 Aug 2015, 03:09 ]
Unfortunately, since releasing HeeksCNC 1 on March 14th 2014, we have found a few bugs ( with help from customers ).

These are
18th March - Fixed a problem with simulating ball nosed and corner radiused milling cutter.
24th March - Fixed G98 problem and removed O line for LinuxCNC
25th March - Removed "Add Tags" from the "Tags" object, because it was causing a crash sometimes.
25th March - Fixed a problem where untitled files post process to the filename given
7th April - A fix to profile operation. Finish Step Down parameter was being ignore in post processing
24th April - A fix to dxf import of closed polyline entities
24th April - Automatic roll on point was not working for some shapes, and roll on was on the wrong side
24th April - When the profile or pocket operation is selected there is no indication of which sketch is selected
18th June - fixed After detach, unattached operations fail
18th June - fixed a viewing bug
3rd July - fixed a problem where DXF files weren't importing the POLYLINE objects
16th September - fixed a problem where output in inches was having problems with the arc centers, where output in mm was ok
17th September - version of 16th September had a script error with the solid simulation
6th October - fixed a problem where anti-clockwise spline sketches ( from SVG import ) were not being machined
6th October - optimised the toolpath for profile operations on open sketches, so that for depths after the first depth, the tool rapids right down to the previous depth
16th October - added Spanish translation
16th October - fixed "3D rotate not undoable"
16th October - I now ignore "z finish depth" for finishing pass of profile operation
1st April 2015 - I fixed a bug where you could select items other than points for the drilling operation, and invalid point id items in the drilling operation caused a crash.
1st April 2015 - Changed software name to HeeksCNC 1.1
19th August 2015 - Added an option to import uninstanced blocks from dxf files. Default is now off.
19th August 2015 - File->Import now remembers the folder, separately to File->Open
19th August 2015 - I fixed "Circle pocket operation takes place twice"
25th August 2015 - Fixed a bug where clicking on an operation which links to an Area object was crashing
25th Augst 2015 - Fixed a problem introduced 19th August 2015, where VS2005 redistributable files were not in the installation, causing HeeksCNC to not work on many PCs

These have all been fixed and the latest versions ( to buy and trial version ) are working correctly.
If you have already bought HeeksCNC 1 and want the latest version please email me and I'll send you a download link.