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Profile operations

A Profile operation can be added from the menu

or from the tool bar

or by selecting a sketch in the Graphics window, right-clicking anywhere, and choosing "New Profile Operation"

You will then see the Profile dialog.

If a sketch was selected when you created the operation, then it will already be selected in the dialog, in the sketches drop-down.
If not, you must select your sketch, by clicking in the "sketches" box on the down arrow, or by pressing the "Pick" button and clicking on your sketch in the Graphics window.

You must also select the Tool you want, in the "Tool" box.
For me, the default 3mm tool was selected.

For this example, I am changing "tool on side" from "outside" to "inside".

Check that the feedrate and spindle speeds are correct.
Also, set the depths to the correct value.
Clicking in a box will change the picture to show you the meaning of the parameter.
For example, in this picture I have clicked in "final depth".

Here are my parameters.

Click the "OK" button to confirm your parameters.
The profile operation will be added to the "Operations" object in the Objects window.

When you post process, you will see the toolpath created by this operation.