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 A pattern defines how machining can be repeated at multiple positions.

Create a new pattern from the menu "Machining"->"Add Other Operation"->"Pattern..."
or by right-clicking on the Patterns object in the Objects window and choosing "New Pattern..."

The picture changes as you enter values, to represent the shape of the grid of positions.

The bright green shape represents the untransformed position.

To apply the pattern to a machining operation, you can choose it from the operation's dialog.
For example, here is a pocket operation and I am changing the "pattern" drop down, to choose "Pattern 1"

Now, when "Post Process" is done. The pocket operation will be repeated at each of the positions of the pattern.

To apply the pattern to multiple operations, select all the operations in the Objects window, and edit the pattern property in the properties window.
Entering the pattern's ID number, in this case 1.