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You must add stock objects, to tell the simulation which solid objects are to be shown at the start of simulation.

In this version of HeeksCNC, only rectangular blocks are output to the simulation.

If you don't have the correct solid already defined, then create a cuboid by pressing the cuboid button

Then edit the position and dimensions of the cuboid in the Properties window.

It may help to drag the Properties window to a position where all the properties can fit in it.

The cuboid can also be resized by dragging its grippers ( little circles on its edges ).

Then create a stock object.

You will see the new stock object's dialog.
By default, all the solids in the drawing will be selected. If you only want some of your solid selected, then click the "Pick" button and select the solids you want.

If you don't want to see the solids any more, you can select them, then untick the "visible" property in the Properties window.