Here at, you can buy HeeksCNC 1.0, a CAD/CAM application for Windows, for only £10, that can help you produce the NC code for your milling machine. Many happy customers are already using HeeksCNC to boost their productivity.
See the news page for details of HeeksCNC 1.0

HeeksCNC is totally open source ( see here for source code details ) . You can modify it to suit your company's needs. The NC code can be configured by editing files written in the popular "Python", a clear and powerful programming language.

  • Functionality:

  • Import solid models from STEP and IGES files.
  • Import DXF drawings; lines, arcs, ellipses, splines and polylines are supported.
  • Some limited 2D drawing functions
  • Create new primitive solids, or make solids by extruding a sketch or by making a lofted solid between sketches.
  • Modify solids using blending, or boolean operations.
  • Save IGES, STEP and STL.
  • Create drilling, profile, pocket operations
  • Post process to g-code
  • g-code is backplot to show red and green lines in the graphics window
  • configure your post processor for any machine with the editable script files ( see help for more details )
  • solid simulation of material removal

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