PS Notes Sheets

1 - Conversions — Unit 1 Introduction to converting units and using Line Solutions, an important and necessary problem solving skill.

1 - Inquiry Notes — Unit 1 Introduction to the Inquiry process, writing a hypothesis, structuring variables, difference between a theory and law

2 - Chemical Reactions

2 - Compounds and Bonding — Unit 2 Overview of Chemical Formulas, Ionic and Covalent Bonding, and Naming Compounds

3 - Acceleration Notes — Descriptions of Accelerating behavior and introduction of position functions (constant velocity and acceleration)

3 Force and Newton's Laws — Explanations, diagrams, and examples of Newton's Laws and solving F = m*a

3 Momentum and Collision Notes — Notes explaining momentum, elastic and inelastic collisions.

3 - Motion Intro Notes — Notes introducing vectors and scalars for out motion unit

4 Electromagnetism Notes — Explanations and diagrams for gravitational, electric and magnetic fields.

4 Intro to Waves Notes — Wave structure, wave equation, interference and reflection

4 KE PE WE — notes for Kinetic energy, Potential energy, and Work energy

4 Wave Resonance Notes — Second set of wave notes, diagramming and explaining standing waves and the concept of resonance