Physical Science

I am not currently teaching Physical Science, but am keeping this Section open in the event that my teaching assignment changes.

Physical Science is a full-credit semester course designed for the freshmen students, as the first part of the core sciences. The course focuses on the three main areas of Matter, Energy and Motion. Analysis of physical and chemical properties and the structure of matter comprise the opening two units. Motion and Forces, including work and simple machines, are the central themes for the third, fourth and fifth units. The last three units focus on energy, light, sound, and electricity. This course provides all students with the basic skills and knowledge to succeed throughout the remainder of their high school science program. Accelerated students will gain the necessary skills and knowledge for more advanced electives, such as Chemistry and Physics. The authentic connections and conceptual approach will give students of all levels the skills to succeed in any of the general level electives, such as Astronomy, Scientific Investigations and Environmental Science. Responsibilities will include report writing, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and use of multimedia technology.

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