PS Links

1 Bonding types — 1 Khan Academy explanation of ionic, covalent and metallic bonds

1 Elements and Atoms — 1 Khan Academy Introduction to the Atom part 1

1 Groups on the Periodic table — 1 Khan Academy Organization of the Periodic Table in Groups

1 Intro to Atom — 1 Khan Academy Introduction to the Atom part 2

1 Radioactive Decay — 1 Khan Academy explains the types of radioactive decay

1 States of Matter — 1 Khan Academy explains the States of Matter

1 Valence Electrons — 1 Khan Academy explanation of valence electrons

2 Balancing Chemical Equations — 2 Khan Academy explanation for balancing chemical reactions

2 Chemical Formulas — 2 Khan Academy molecular and empirical formulas for compounds

3 average velocity and speed — 3 Khan Academy calculates average velocity vs average speed

3 Linear Momentum — 3 Khan Academy explanations for momentum and collisions

3 Newton's Laws — 3 Khan Academy Unit on Newton's laws

3 Vector vs Scalar — 3 Khan Academy explanation of vectors and scalars

3 visualizing 2-d motion — 3 Khan Academy demonstrates how 2-d motion works

3 Work and Energy — 3 Khan Academy Work Energy and Mechanical Advantage for Simple machines

4 Electricity and Magnetism — 4 Khan Academy Section explaining electricity and magnetism

4 waves and optics — 4 Khan academy on types of waves, their behavior, sound and light

PBS Interactive Resources — Shared folder with Interactive media from PBS, covers atoms, elements, compounds, and bonding

PBS Interactive Resources for Physics — PBS Interactive resources that cover Physics concepts of motion, energy and waves

PBS videos for Physical Science — PBS videos that cover concepts in introductory chemistry and physics