AP Chem

AP Chemistry Reference Sheet pdf

Important Chrome Apps!

MolView Desmos Graphing Calculator

ChemReference: Periodic Table

Write THIS not That!

Logger Pro 3.8.6 Download: Windows Mac

*students email me or see me for the password*

Reminder, this is the contract everyone signs!


    • Complete all summative assessments (as identified in the Syllabus and Unit Summaries)
    • Pass all four Unit Exams or Correct them above a 70%


    • Content Standards, Nature of Science Standard, and Unit Exam Average are weighted equally
    • Minimum passing score on standards is ‘2’
    • 1 = 50, 2 = 80, 3 = 94, 4 = 100 for calculating Purposes


    • All submissions, grading and feedback will be done on Empower
    • Resources, Remind, Calendar, Empower link: can all be found on my teacher webpage
    • Web2School will only be updated at Progress Report and Quarters. See Empower for current progress.


Unit 1 - Oct 4th Oct 11th only minimum scores eligible for Unit 1 work

Unit 2 - Nov 9th Nov 16th only minimum scores eligible for Unit 2 work

Unit 3 - Jan 17th Jan 25th only minimum scores eligible for Unit 3 work

Unit 4 - Apr 5th Apr 12th only minimum scores eligible for Unit 4 work

Monday May 6th - AP Exam Day!

    • Habits of Work scores will be applied to summative assessments and reported weekly
    • Unit Exams must be correct with reflections within 1 week of end of unit.