Welcome to the Haynes neuroimaging lab at the
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Vetoing self-initiated movements: 

Previous work from Benjamin Libet, Haggard and Eimer, and from our own lab has shown that movement decisions are preceded by early brain signals. This has often been discussed as evidence that the brain initiates a decision before the conscious mind and this has been seen as a challenge to free will. In our experiment we wanted to know if people can still revert a decision after onset of the early brain signals. Participants played a game against a brain-computer-interface where they had to move unpredictably to win. The BCI (developed with colleagues from TU Berlin) was used to read out and predict their movement decisions. The experiment shows that people can still cancel a movement until a very late stage after onset of the readiness potential. So, while the brain might prepare a decision to move early, this process can still be cancelled.  Click here or on the image below to download a pdf of the paper.