Scholarship & Community Art Grants

2020-2021 Scholarship and Community Grant Program

Each year the Guild is able to award scholarship grants to deserving Havasu School Seniors and College students who will be enrolling in accredited art classes. The Guild's Scholarship Committee considers applications from exceptionally talented and deserving area students. Scholarship applications may be turned in between January 1 through March 15th. This committee also awards grants for community visual arts projects as funds are available. Please contact the Scholarship Chairman for additional information. Please see the Contact Us page for the Scholarship Chairman's contact information. Applications can be found on the Forms page – see Scholarship Application or Community Art Grant application in PDF format.

2020 Scholarship Awards Winners


Josie Jones


Irene Little


Congratulations to all recipients and to all members of the Havasu Art Guild,

without you we could not have made this happen.

Josie Jones

Josie is a senior at Lake Havasu High School and will graduate in June, 2020. In the fall term she will be attending Arizona State University in Tempe with an undeclared major in the Humanities/Fine Arts & Design and a minor in Studio Art. She achieved a cumulative weighted GPA of 4.348 at Lake Havasu High School. Josie served as Vice President of the Associated Student Body during her senior year, running the student activities calendar for 2000 students and collaborating with high school administrators, community leaders, and students. Josie completed numerous community service activities while in high school. She has received impressive letters of recommendation from her Student Council Advisor and also her Visual Arts teacher-mentor at Lake Havasu High School.

Josie’s passion is Art, in all forms and methods. Her current favorite medium is acrylics and charcoal; however, she is skilled in many different forms of medium, including watercolor, oil pastels, graphite, and digital art. Josie’s strengths include her passion in the Arts, including ballet and other forms of dancing, her ability to help others, her “heart” and her dignity of hard work, and her zest for setting goals and completing projects. At ASU she is planning to take courses in art, dance, and kinesiology.

Josie is extremely well spoken and a great communicator. She is intelligent and a fast learner in all subjects, including visual and dance arts. Josie is creative and passionate and constantly challenges herself to try new ideas and accomplish her many goals.

Josie wants to “spend her life helping other people who struggle with their own challenges the way that art has helped me”. Her life goal is to create an art media center for kids in order “to teach them how to use their artistic soul to make life better”. She is hoping to receive an art scholarship in order to achieve and complete her university studies.

Irene Little

Irene has completed her first year at Prescott College (a 4-year college) in Prescott, Arizona with a GPA of 4.0. Her intent is to take summer classes at Mohave Community College before continuing her studies at Arizona State University - Lake Havasu in the fall of 2020. Irene has been accepted at ASU for the fall term. She has declared a double major of Art and Psychology.

Irene has a love of art. Her favorite medium is charcoal. She has an ability to see art in everything and enjoys putting meaning and creating a story within her art work. Her personal challenge is to stick to one medium while envisioning a new idea, then using her emotions to create meaning within the art piece. Her portraits and her landscapes are well-developed and show an outstanding knowledge of her use of her chosen medium. Irene’s interest is in Art Therapy and her goal is to receive a Masters in Psychology/Art Therapy, moving on to a PHD in the Art Therapy profession.