Local Galleries

Havasu Art Guild Sponsored Galleries:

Community/Aquatic Center on Highway 95
This is an unmanned gallery for display and sales. It opened in November of 1994 and the artwork is rotated every three months.
In each display case, there is a contact number for arrangements to purchase the art. Visit the gallery and enjoy the art!

Mohave County Library
Located in the library is an enclosed glass display case featuring the work of 3D artists from the Havasu Art Guild.

Other Community Galleries:

London Bridge Visitors' Center
The Bill Spresser Art Gallery is located inside the Visitors Center at the London Bridge.
It is a project of the Allied Art council and the Havasu Art Guild.The displays of paintings, sculptures, and jewelry change monthly.
Havasu Art Guild members wanting to display their art at the Spresser Gallery, please view the 4 forms at the bottom of this page for instructions. 

Pam Reinke Studio
Where we plot magic, play, and color.
The Paint Party Place and Kreative Kids Academy
Click link below to view class schedules

Havasu Furniture Store
1607 Mesquite Ave
Havasu Furniture Store supports the local art community by sponsoring an "Art Wall" within their store to feature local artists from the community. Sales of the art are handled by the staff at the store. Ask to see the "Art Wall" when you visit the store.

Main Street Gallery
2014 McCulloch Blvd. Ste B (next to Scoops) Downtown Lake Havasu
Main Street Gallery is an eclectic mix of Fine Art, Prints, Photography, Pottery, and Handmade Jewelry. 
Featuring local artists and exhibits at the gallery rotate on a continuous schedule.

Christine's Fine Art Gallery and More
2069 W. Acoma Blvd.
Christine's has a excellent mix of artwork. Ongoing art classes, Paint and Sip Nights and workshops.  Also including a new pottery shop.  Custom work and framing is available. Have any questions about our classes, please call or come in for a visit.

Kitchen & Bath Concepts
76 N. Lake Havasu Ave
Kitchen & Bath Concepts supports artists of the community by featuring a new artist each Month.
At the beginning of each month is a meet and greet the artist event.  Contact Kitchen & Bath for details.

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