Master Irwin Carmichael

Master Irwin Carmichael has owned and operated the Martial Arts Training Institute for 15 years. Irwin enjoys training both children and adults. Being that his martial arts training has helped in all aspects of life, he is very eager to pass on his knowledge to other students. It is with his guidance that many of our current programs were developed. Because of his work with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Department, Irwin was able to develop and write a special women's self-defense book, entitled Women Awareness Response (WAR). Mr. Carmichael has also produced nine training videos which have been released nationally. Mr. Carmichael travels world wide in conducting martial arts seminars and also crime prevention seminars. He as also been quoted in several national magazines in the area of self-defense.

Chief Instructor: Shihan Hardley Soryz
Shihan Hardley Soryz has operated the Harrisburg MATI for over twenty-five years. He began his studies of martial arts in Hawaii before he moved to North Carolina. Once in North Carolina, he taught self-defense classes for five years at Central Piedmont Community College. Like his master instructor, Soke Carmichael, he is very eager to pass on the knowledge to both adults and children. Shihan Soryz has turned out quality adult black belts and junior blackbelts for many years. Shihan Soryz has run one of the most well respected schools within the MATI organization.
Club Instructor: Glenn Carder 

Mr. Glenn Carder has been training in the martial arts for over 35 years.  Mr. Carder started his martial arts career at age 10 where he was taught boxing and Judo with Head Instructor, Mr. Massarelli in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  At age 14, he trained at the Shaolin Kenpo Dojo under 8th Degree Black Belt, Mr. Eugene Gaudreau in Nashua, NH where he earned the rank of Apprentice.  He continued his training in Chinese Kenpo under the instruction of 8th Degree Black Belt, Vic Nastasia, where he earned the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt in 1990.   

In the early 90’s, he competed on the National Tournament Circuit where he took 3rd place and was recognized nationally by the North American Sport Karate Association.  Also during that time, Mr. Carder was training in Ju-jitsu, En Shu Do, Ed Parker Kempo, and Bushido.  In January 2005, Mr. Carder earned his second 1st Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Kempo Karate under the direction of 7th Degree Black Belt, Mr. Hardley Soryz at the Martial Arts Training Institute in Harrisburg NC.  He earned the rank of 2nd Degree in October 2006 and 4th Degree in October 2010.  He is currently a 5th Degree Black Belt in this style.  In April 2010, Mr. Carder earned a 1st Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Kubodo Cane.  In July 2015, Mr. Carder broadened his knowledge in the martial arts and became a Certified Instructor in Tai Chi/ Qigong (a discipline directly related to Tai Chi) with Dayan Arts.   

Mr. Carder also works for Sheriff Irwin Carmichael of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office, training thousands of children each year at Charlotte area public/ private schools.  He is the owner and operator of four clubs with over 200 students, children and adults.  Mr. Carder also teaches Co-ed Personal Protection and Women’s Self-Defense Clinics at local, college, and corporate venues.  

Instructor: Harry Wolford

Mr. Harry Wolford started his training at the age of seven under the private tutelage of Rudolph Matthews in the art of Jun Fan Gung Fu. In the fifteen years as a To-dai student to Matthews, he trained in 26 different ways to use hand/elbow techniques and 10 kick techniques; along with footwork, defense and philosophies of JKD to focus his path of martial arts.

In addition while training under Matthews his training continued at Goh’s Kung Fu lead by Si-fu Anthony Goh.  He worked to improve vision awareness, conditioning, technique tools, feints and parries. Also he bagan competing in Wu-Shu International tournaments to embrace the spirit of one on one competition.  Mr. Wolford has also trained in Si-fu Tommy Gong, training in footwork and technique delivery before returning to Maryland to continue training under Matthews.

In 2001, he joined the Army and competed in Karate Invitationals and other full contact events and began instructing and training soldiers and their families under the authority of Lt. Colonial J. Mason. Aside from Jeet Kune Do which is his foundation in martial arts, he has trained in Tai Chi (taught by Si-fu Goh), jiu-jitsu and Demock.

Instructor: Tyler Carder

Mr. Tyler Carder has been training in the martial arts for over 17 years.  Mr. Tyler Carder started martial arts at age 4 where he was taught by his father traditional karate.  In 2002, he joined the Martial Arts Training institute.  Over the four years leading up to his black belt promotion, he participated in numerous school tournaments and took 1st place in forms in 2005 and 2006, 2nd place in sparring in 2006, and 3rd place in grappling in 2006.  He also received the most dedicated student award out of all students in the entire school in 2003.

In April 2006, Mr. Tyler Carder earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Kempo Karate under the direction of 7th Degree Black Belt, Mr. Hardley Soryz at the Martial Arts Training Institute in Harrisburg NC.  He earned the rank of 2nd Degree in April 2016.  In 2006, he became an assistant instructor at BCCA Karate Club.

Recently, Mr. Carder has assisted other schools in running their programs while the Master Instructor was absent.  He has assisted in teaching many programs such as a Women Self Defense Clinic at a local college and is a Lead Instructor for MATI Clubs. 

Mr. Tyler Carder also works for Sheriff Irwin Carmichael of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office, training hundreds of children each year at Charlotte area public/ private schools. 

Currently, Mr. Tyler Carder runs/ operates as Lead Instructor at BCCA Karate Club and CCA Upper Karate Club program locations.  He assists as Instructor at Nomad Karate Club.  He also serves as a Combat Engineer, rank E4 Specialist in the United States Army since February 2014.  He attends Central Piedmont Community College.

Instructor: Kim Soryz
Mrs. Kim Soryz is a 3rd Degree Black Belt with Harrisburg Martial Arts Training International.  She has studied under Shihan Hardley Soryz since 2004 and together they have four children who are also Black Belts in the school.  Mrs. Soryz maintains our website and Facebook page and also designs our marketing materials.  
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