Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I attend class?

We recommend that each student make a whole-hearted effort to attend two classes a week.  We offer many different classes at different times, so scheduling is never a problem.  Although class time is important, it is secondary to a personal improvement.

Q: What does a class consist of?

A beginner class consists of warm-up exercises which are followed by an action-packed workout. During this workout we cover basic kicks, blocks and basic defense techniques. Everyone in class is a beginner.

Q: How often is sparring covered in class?

As a beginner, you will have to wait until you advance in the ranks to benefit from sparring. Once you advance to yellow belt, sparring will be covered in class about two to three times a month. Safety is a major concern when we spar; only the lightest contact is acceptable.

Q: Are there extra programs and clubs to join?
A: Absolutely!  We offer many different martial arts clubs to join, such as Black Belt Club, Master Club, Full Split Club, Demo Team, Leadership Team, Instructor Program and more.  We have different programs to go along with class instruction for everyone and their individual needs.
Q: What topics are emphasized in class?
A: For the children, academics play a major role in the martial arts.  Behavior at home is highly stressed along with when it is okay and not okay to use the martial arts.  The children fully understand the consequences of using the martial arts outside of class and why it is unacceptable.
Q: How safe are the martial arts?
A: All of our classes are taught in instructors who have been qualified in an instructor program.  Each class has a specific curriculum with high standards and safety being the top priorities.
Q: What should I wear for my first class?
A: We recommend sweat pants and a t-shirt. the attire is desired because of its comfort during class.  Throwing basic kicks and maneuvering will become difficult in restrictive clothing.
Q: Can I attend classes at other MATI schools?
A: Yes!  By joining the largest martial arts association in the region, you'll be able to partake of all the benefits you can't find with other smaller schools or associations. One is being able to attend other MATI Schools.  Once you register with a MATI School in your area, your membership is welcome at any of the other dojos. We currently have dojos in Charlotte Huntersville, Harrisburg and Cramerton.  So wherever you are in the area, you can rest assured that there is a MATI facility close by.
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