Dojo Etiquette

The dojo is a place where we train ourselves physically and mentally. Students should respect the dojo and observe the following etiquette:

  • Students should observe the training schedule. Students should not to be late for training. If the student is late, they must complete 15 push-ups at the rear of the dojo, then sit quietly until invited to join the rest of the class.
  • Before entering the dojo, remove shoes at the entrance and place them neatly in order on the shoe rack.
  • If a senior student is standing behind you at the entrance, let him go in first.
  • Upon entering the dojo, say "Hello Ma'am, Hello Sir" while bowing to show respect.
  • When an instructor calls for training to begin, line up quietly in belt rank order.
  • When beginning class, students will bow to the instructor and then turn to bow to the parents. When students bow to the parents, the parents should stand and bow to the students.
  • Always be polite to your instructors, senior students and elders.
  • Always try to keep your training clothes clean and tidy. Always practice in clean training clothes in the dojo.
  • Be aware of your physical condition.
  • Keep your finger nails and toe nails short, to prevent injury to other students when practicing together.
  • Remove all earrings, neclaces & other jewelry.
  • Do not forget to do warm up exercises before practicing, even if you are practicing alone.
  • When you observe the training at the dojo, sit in the proper way, and do not stretch your legs out. Put your hands on your knee.
  • Do not drop your weapon. If a student drops a weapon the student should complete 5 push-ups.
  • Bow to the instructor, senior students and each other with appreciation and respect.
  • The beginners and colored belt students should ask the senior students if they have any questions. This is a leadership opportunity for senior students. Do not forget to thank any one who gives you advice.
  • When adjusting or tidying your gi, bow and face away from the front of the dojo.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the dojo.
  • Students are to always show enthusiasm and give 100% while training. Respect, focus, and self-control are to be demonstrated at all times.
  • Upon exiting the dojo, do not forget to say "Goodbye Ma'am, Goodbye Sir".
  • During color belt tests parents should CHEER! Your student will appreciate the encouragement and will know you support their growth and accomplishments.

Do not forget that students learn from each other. ALWAYS be a good example setter and ALWAYS act like a leader!

Confused on how to properly tie a karate belt? This short video clip will help.