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Chief Instructor: Shihan Hardley Soryz
Shihan Hardley Soryz has operated the Harrisburg MATI for over twenty-five years. He began his studies of martial arts in Hawaii before he moved to NC.  Once in NC, he taught self-defense classes for five years at Central Piedmont Community College.  Like his master instructor,  Soke Carmichael, he is very eager to pass on the knowledge to both adults and children.  Shihan Soryz has turned out quality adult black belts and junior blackbelts for many years.  Shihan Soryz has run one of the most well respected schools within the MATI organization.
Master Irwin Carmichael
Master Irwin Carmichael has owned and operated the Martial Arts Training Institute since 1986. Irwin enjoys training both children and adults. Being that his martial arts training has helped in all aspects of life, he is very eager to pass on his knowledge to other students. It is with his guidance that many of our current programs were developed. Because of his work with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Department, Irwin was able to develop and write a special women's self-defense book, entitled Women Awareness Response (WAR). Mr. Carmichael has also produced nine training videos which have been released nationally. Mr. Carmichael travels world wide in conducting martial arts seminars and also crime prevention seminars. He as also been quoted in several national magazines in the area of self-defense.
When the Martial Arts Training Institute's (MATI) first school opened in 1982, its primary goal was to provide students of the martial arts with the most comprehensive instruction possible. Over the years, MATI's commitment to providing learning opportunities for all students of the martial arts has lead to dozens of seminars given by some of the most talented masters teaching today.

By 1990, the Martial Arts Training Institute was formed with the intent to bring the same quality instruction to students of the martial arts worldwide. With five schools and over a thousand registered students, families in the Charlotte region are provided with instruction centered on building a students character as well as mental and physical strength. The Martial Arts Training Institute has produced Seminars with BJ Penn, Rickson Gracie, Remy Presas, Wally Jay, George Dilman, Bobby Taboada and others. Videos offer detailed training in Kempo Karate, Balintawak and Grappling.

The founder of MATI, Sgt.Irwin Carmichael, has years of working with law enforcement and giving self-defense seminars to law enforcement officers, civic and women's organizations. Research into learning what motivates the criminal mind led Irwin Carmichael to write W.A.R. (Women Awareness Response) and K.A.R. (Kids Awareness Response), comprehensive guides to self-defense for women and kids (respectively).

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MATI Harrisburg
4553 Hwy 49 South
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In Robinson Shopping Center on Hwy 49
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Chief Instructor: Hardley Soryz

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