Below are a few pics of our adventures around Europe

Here we see the lovely Mrs D sat on our bike in front of Mont St Michel in France. 
She loves it there 

One of many special wild camping spots that we know in Brittany.  Magical.  That evening we had the place to ourselves and sat outside drinking wine and listening to music.   


Burgundy in Eastern France on route to Germany.  This was a lovely free Aire de Service provided by the local village just for motorhomes and boats to use.  There are thousands like it all over France.  It was really hot but the river helped!


This was a cracking wild camping spot on the banks of the river Loire.


And the lovely Chateau Villandry nearby


A lake in the Rhone Alps 


Another lovely wild camping spot on the river Tarn in the south of France.  Very hot again but the river was great!

Wilding on the Isle of Arran


Hank on the front of the ferry ready to get off on the Isle of Arran.  We just made it and they squeezed us on (just) 
Approaching Arran and Goat Fell in the distance 
The sunset from the back of Hank in Quiberon, Birttany
The spectacular Rhine falls in Switzerland
Just up the road from the Rhine falls is Germanys Black Forest.  Whilst out on the bike we and our other biker friends got caught in a massive thunderstorm
Our view for the night at Gavarnie in the Pyrenees.  One of the most spectacular places I have ever been and certainly one of the best places I have parked the van.
And More 
Rocamadore in the Lot / Dordogne
Wilding on the Isle of Arran