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Ever since Michelle was a little girl she has been travelling to Flamborough for family holidays so it’s a very special place for her. We have been going there together since we met 20 years ago. Flamborough is on the East Yorkshire coast and is near Filey and Bridlington. It is extremely popular with walkers and bird watchers.

Our first trip in Hank was to Flamborough and it was a disaster as we didn’t know how anything worked. Since then we have discovered some nice little CL sites. The cliffs are spectacular and a walk between the North Landing, Light house and south Landing is a must.

Bridlington is just a few miles away and it’s a traditional seaside town and Filey and Scarborough are just a bit further south.

As with Arran there is no Journal just lots of photos and a video of the mad Donkies.



Sunny times at the south landing

The Donks again



Speedboat at Bridlington. A must!

Michelle on her many walks

Butter wouldnt melt