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Summer 2011

The plan is to do the Mosel Valley in Germany, drive down through the Black Forest into Switzerland, Italian Lakes, France and who knows where. Usually this site is updated after the event but Im going to try and do it on a weekly basis.
Very rough map!

Includes the maiden voyage of Yellow Belly, Road Rage incident, The worlds largest cuckoo clock and the Stellplatz Killer!!!
Includes Loosing weight but getting Gout in the most stunning bit of Europe, the chicken ram raid and meeting Arnie the campsite terminator (warden).
Includes rowing back to Switzerland, Meeting El Presidento, the grottiest campsite in the world, not meeting George Clooney in Benaggio but meeting Benny from Top Cat, beating Johnny Foreigner to the best spot on the Sosta and the wedding fight in Paradise.
Includes Mountain climbing in Hank,  Beating the Germans at their own game, Saving someones life than being hunted by the Gendarmes for trying to kill him, Near death experience in the boat in Lake Croix, Madness in St Tropez, Shooting rapids in L'Ardeche, Claiming our own Island, The campsite from hell, Stag Terror, Meeting the Lobsters and recking their stuff and a close encouter with the sea in Normandy.
The Mosel, Germany
Italian Lakes