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Water pump problem.
Below are some pictures of the setup and two videos of the pump in action through the normal wiring and with the pump wired directly to the battery.
First the two video clips I made this afternoon.  The first one is with the pump wired normally through the vans electrical system.  I have to adjust the pressure switch when I first turn the tap on but as you can see and hear the flow is poor and the sound of the pump not as high pitched as it should be and it actually deteriates the longer it is on
In this second clip I have run a cable directly from the leisure battery and the pump is much faster and the flow better.  Ignore my ramblings about the pump running on as I forgot it will run on forever when hooked up to the battery direct!
This is the wiring into the Whale submersible pump.  As you can see the wires are just temporarily twisted together outside the tank.  Not good I know but I have done this so I can quickly take them apart and wire them directly to the lead.  They were connected by block connectors.

The pressure switch.  I have tried to read the voltage on the two spade connectors but I can only do this when they are disconnected.  They read 12.5, same as at the battery

The pipe work going into the hot tank and piping going back to the tank and the hot and bathroom tap.  Not sure why I put this in.