Vocal songs

All around My Hat (Trad./Steeleye Span) G

And I Love Her (Lennon-McCartney/Beatles) E

Baby Blue (Ham/Badfinger) A

Baby It's You (David-Williams-Bacharach/Beatles) G

Behind That Locked Door (Harrison) G

Blowin' in the Wind (Dylan/Peter, Paul & Mary) D

Can't Get Used to Losing You (Pomus-Shuman/Andy Williams) C

Chimes of Freedom (Dylan/Byrds) G

The Chosen Ones (Howland) D

Countdown (Buckingham) G

Crossroads (Johnson/Cream) A

The Dangling Conversation (Simon/Simon & Garfunkel) C

Day after Day (Ham/Badfinger) E

Don't Talk (Drew-Merchant/10,000 Maniacs) A

Elysium (Howland) G

Every Breath You Take (Sting/Police) G

Every Little Thing (Lennon-McCartney/Beatles) F#

Everything Is Broken (Dylan) E

Every Time It's You (Howland) A

Fallen Angel (Gibb/Bee Gees) F#mi

The Freshmen Women (Howland) Emi

Gamble Gold and Robin Hood (Trad./Steeleye Span) F

Get Together (Powers/Youngbloods) G

Girls Talk (Costello/Linda Ronstadt) A

Going Down to Liverpool (Rew/Bangles) G

Heart Like Mine (Gibb/Bee Gees) G

Here Comes the Sun (Harrison/Beatles) G

Holy Land (Howland) G

If I Fell (Lennon-McCartney/Beatles) D

If Not for You (Dylan/George Harrison) G

I Just Can't Say Goodbye (Howland) Ab

I'll Be Back (Lennon-McCartney/Beatles) A

I'm Happy Just to Dance with You (Lennon-McCartney/Beatles) E

I'm So Alternative (Howland) D

I Need You (Harrison/Beatles) A

In My Life (Lennon-McCartney/Beatles) G

I Only Want to Be with You (Hawker-Raymonde/Dusty Springfield) C

It's Only Love (Lennon-McCartney/Beatles) B

It's Only Money (Howland) A

I Want to Hold Your Hand (Lennon-McCartney/Beatles) G

Jolie Louise (Lanois) G

Justine (Goldenberg/Linda Ronstadt) E

Last Night (Howland) D

Long, Long, Long (Harrison/Beatles) G

Look, Don't Touch (Howland) F#mi

Lullaby (Smith et al./Shawn Mullins) G

Mr. Tambourine Man (Dylan/Byrds) D

Music, Like the Seasons (Howland) D

My Back Pages (Dylan/Byrds) D

Needles and Pins (Bono-Nitzsche/Searchers) D

No Matter What (Ham/Badfinger) G

One (Gibb/Bee Gees) G

Only You (Eshkeri et al./Sinead O'Connor) E

Our Guitars (Howland) F#

Peggy Sue (Holly) A

Poem to Your Wife (Howland) G

Roadhouse Blues (Morrison/Doors) E

Sandy (Springsteen) C

September Gurls (Chilton/Big Star) A

Sheila (Roe) A

Shule Aroon (Trad./Peter, Paul & Mary) Ami

Snakes in the Sun (Howland) C

Song for Palestine (Derabucca) (Howland) Dmi

Sweet Baby James (Taylor) D

Tania Valdes (Howland) Emi

Through My Sister's Door (Howland) A

To Hear from You (Howland) A

Tryin' to Get to Heaven (Dylan) G

Turn It On (Buckingham) G

Turn! Turn! Turn! (Seeger/Byrds) D

Virginia (Howland) G

Walk Away, Renée (Brown-Calilli-Sansone/Left Banke) C#

Watching and Waiting (Hayward/Moody Blues) C

We're All in the Dance (Anais-Monthieux/Feist) C#

Where Have You Been (Alexander) C

Who'll Stop the Rain (Fogerty/Creedence Clearwater Revival) G

Wild Horses (Jagger-Richard/Rolling Stones) G

Wintertime Love (Doors) D

Wonderful Tonight (Clapton) G

You're Lost Little Girl (Morrison/Doors) D

You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Lennon-McCartney/Beatles) G