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Ryan Kisor record review. Modern Drummer, October 1992.
The Sculpture Gardener: Short Fiction. 2nd ed. Key West: Howland Press, 2019.*
Sean Meehan record review. Modern Drummer, June 1995.
Song/Turner record review. Modern Drummer, May 1995.
Steelwool Trio record review. Modern Drummer, June 1996.
Stefan Karlsson record review. Modern Drummer, November 1991.
Studio Percussion record review. Modern Drummer, January 1997.
Submedia record review. Modern Drummer, September 1991.
"Surprise Symphonies in Key West." ArtSpirit, winter 2002.
"The Sushi-Mayo Solution." Solares Hill, May 29, 2011.
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True West: A Cultural Reckoning. To be published in 2020.

"Understanding Rhythm" column. Modern Drummer, December 1994 to May 1995.

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