Hal Howland appears on these and other recordings.

Dave Burns, The Music of Dave Burns, MDB 3219

Steve Erwin, featuring Danny Gatton, Was It Like This, Small Hat 1997

Georges Hemund, Georges Hemund, self-produced

However, Calling, North America East 1012

However, Sudden Dusk, Kinesis KDCD 1011

Hal Howland, Every Time It's You, Howland 4

Howland Ensemble, The Howland Ensemble, Howland 1

Howland Ensemble, Reiko, Howland 2

Howland Ensemble, 10 Years in 5 Days, Howland 3

"Pappy" Camile Landry, Still Kickin', Small Mystery Jazz 2015

Gordon Michael and Lonnie Jacobson, Simple Pleasures, UMS 0756-45

National Chamber Orchestra, Piotr Gajewski, conductor, with Carter Brey and Kurt Nikkanen, Gerber: Cello Concerto etc., KOCH 3-7501-2 HI

Lisa Taylor, Sibling Rivalry, Taylor Tunes TT-100

Various artists, Best of the BUBs, Warner Bros. PR 4757

Various artists, Oasis Jazz, volume 1, Oasis 1988

Various artists, Oasis Jazz, volume 9, Oasis 2003