Equipment setups

Occasionally someone will ask what equipment I use in performance. Whereas I discourage the excessive consumption of this sort of information, I am glad to provide the following.
In its most indulgent form, my main drum set includes 2005 Ludwig Classic Maple drums in Mahogany lacquer with Remo Diplomat FiberSkyn heads, Powerstroke P3 Felt Tone FiberSkyn bass-drum heads, and Hazy Ambassador snare-side heads (jazz set: 6½" x 14" wood snare, 14" x 20" bass, 8" x 12" and 14" x 14" toms; rock set: " x 14" brass snare, 14" x 24" bass, 9" x 13" and 16" x 16" toms); Paiste cymbals (I choose from a collection of 8" and 10" splashes, 14" hi-hats, 16" and 18" crashes, and 20" and 22" rides from the Masters line); Zildjian F, F#, G, G# finger cymbals; a 7" UFIP Icebell; a Mecart chime tree; Sarna attar, camel, elephant, and temple bells; generic sleigh bells; a small Alan Abel triangle; an 8" Paiste Roto Sound Disc; 14" and 22" Wuhan gongs; a Studio 200 bell plate; a Pakistan bell tree; small and large Buddha temple bells; Latin Percussion small percussion; Ludwig hardware; Drum Workshop 6000 bass-drum pedals and hi-hats; Vic Firth sticks, mallets, and brushes; etc. I rarely use a large setup; for a typical gig I take a four-piece and a few cymbals.
I would need a warehouse to store all the drums, cymbals, timpani, mallet instruments, keyboards, guitars, basses, amplifiers, recording and processing devices, fiber and ATA cases, leather and nylon gig bags, and other gear I have owned over the years. In all situations I travel as light as possible.