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My books and recordings are available from shops and online sources worldwide. To order print books, compact discs, and phonorecords directly from me with a credit card, please use PayPal; or send your check or money order for U.S. dollars to Hal Howland, 6 Betty Rose Dr., 614, Key West, FL 33040, USA. Shipping is free of charge!
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After Jerusalem: Short Fiction, 3rd edition
Paperback book, 2019, ISBN 9781796513578, 274 pp., fiction, $14.95

The Human Drummer: Thoughts on the Life Percussive, 10th edition
Paperback book, 2019, ISBN 9781796670103, 471 pp., nonfiction, $16.95

Landini Cadence: A Rich Castillo Threesome, 3rd edition
Paperback book, 2019, ISBN 9781796677720, 259 pp., fiction, $14.95

The Sculpture Gardener: Short Fiction, 3rd edition
Paperback book, 2019, ISBN 9781796683790, 219 pp., fiction, $14.95

True West: A Cultural Reckoning, 1st edition
Paperback book, 2020, ISBN 9781078128681, 332 pp., nonfiction, $14.95

The titles above are the only legitimate editions of my books. Please do not purchase any of the previous or out-of-print editions being sold online and elsewhere.

Every Time It's You
Compact disc, 2018, pop, 55 min., $20

The Howland Ensemble
Audiophile vinyl phonodisc, 1985, acoustic jazz, 39 min., $30

Compact disc, 1995, acoustic jazz, 74 min., $20

10 Years in 5 Days
Compact disc, 2003, acoustic jazz, 56 min., $20