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Some of the students who have or are studying Classical Guitar Performance at WSU with me.

Tim Ginn

Hussam Sareini

Michael Miller

Zach Smith

Frankie Mastrangelo

Matt Mollison

Mark Slicker

Steve Yim

Chris Lopez

Jonathan George

Alex Kaye

Brian Mclellan

Aaron Bricker

Anthony Maicki

Patrick Nickleson

Marc Michaud

Jason Burbo

Scott Walter

Danny Velic

Paco Leon

John Swender

Students who have graduated with a Bachelors in Classical Guitar Performance:

Anthony Maicki-2001, Marc Michaud-2002, Scott Walter-2006, Danny Velic-2009,

Jason Burbo-2009, John Swender-2010, Mark Slicker-2013 and Steve Yim-2014.

Congrats to you all and we miss you. Come back and play for us anytime.

This Is Michael Miller, a classical guitarist who earned his degree with me at Wayne State University, playing one of my pieces,

"The Sway Of The Cedar".

The totally renovated OLD MAIN BUILDING, built in 1894, that fills the block bordered by Cass, Warren, Hancock and 2nd Street, is the new home of the WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY MUSIC DEPARTMENT as of August 2000.

Click here for directions to Old Main on the WSU campus

One of our guitar quartets rehearsing in 2007

Another WSU quartet in 2011

Here's the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet coaching one of our guitar ensembles. We bring in touring artists from time to time to give masterclasses and concerts here at Wayne State University. It's very exciting and educational for me to see major artists working with our students

WILLIAM KANENGISER teaching one of my students in a masterclass, 2001

ANA VIDOVIC'S concert and masterclass at Wayne State University and a masterclass at Concordia University, 2005

JASON VIEAUX masterclass at Wayne State University, 2002 and his concert and masterclass in Ann Arbor, 2009

When studying guitar at Wayne State University, opportunities abound to perform both on stage in our beautiful recital hall and to participate in masterclasses given by touring artists. Here's some pictures from past events.


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