Eekee & Shadow

Eekee & Shadow Meet And Get To Know Each Other In The Way Cats Know Best. (Fighting)

This video starts with the first time Eekee and Shadow, our two cats, laid eyes on each other in May, 2008. Within a few days, they were very comfortable in each other's company and were having some serious fun wrestling. Shadow was about eight weeks old. Clips from May to July, 2008. Eekee was 12 years old and had always been an only cat. He wasn't quite sure what to do when Shadow appeared, but he was very patient and learned quickly. Shadow has grown to be a third taller than Eekee, but Eekee could always calmly out wrestle him right up to the day he died at age 14 in January, 2010. I still have a big place in my heart for my dear little friend. Background Music: 'Beginnings', a suite for solo guitar written and played by Brian Roberts, in September, 2012, recorded on a 2008 Steve Connor guitar, #138. Contact me at, if you'd like a copy of the score.