The Original Guitar Compositions 
Brian Roberts

Basking in the sound of my amazing 2008 Stephan Connor guitar #138 (Red Opal) 
while recording 'Of Things Past', a piece I wrote in August, 2011

Most of my scores are highly fingered. These fingerings are there to enhance or help create particular musical phrasings, articulations, textures, sounds and characters, while taking ease and success of playing into account. The level of these editions varies from pieces designed for players in their first year to advanced, so hopefully you'll find some pieces that are just right you. Have fun! If you ever play any of my editions for a public performance, please give me credit, either in the printed program (if you have one) or verbally. I would also enjoy hearing from you about what and where you are performing, etc. 
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If you would like to listen to a stream of about 55 minutes of the my pieces that I have audio recorded so far, go to:  Or go to my Video and Audio Page.  I will gradually add more compositions and recordings as time and inspiration permit. ~Enjoy!~ 


Classical Guitar Solos by Brian Roberts, Volume I

44 Classical Guitar Solos, ranging from easy to advanced

'exploring the sounds of different techniques and the techniques of different sounds'
This is a collection that explores the connection between technique and expression, including articulation, phrasing and beauty of sound. The fingerings enhance particular musical articulations and textures, while taking ease and success of playing into account. These pieces were composed to introduce techniques, expressions, moods and sounds that are usually reserved for more advance repertoire.

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Table of Contents

By The Spring  

 Free At Last


  One Winter Day

  One Moment To Realize

Turning ‘Round - Suite for Guitar
I-The White Night
II-Song Of Peace
III-In Good Company

Beginnings - Suite for Guitar
I-The Spring Of Autumn
II-The Drifting Clouds Of Autumn
III-The Stars Reflecting In The Lake
IV-Movement In The Motionless Night

Sketches for Solo Guitar

The Break Of The Wave
From Where Comes The Wind
The Flower In The Night Breeze
The Sway Of The Cedar
The Ripple Of The Sand

Before Dawn

   The Bird In The Bush

  Dance Of The Secret Source

Adagio For Strings (6 Strings)

Moving Inward - Suite For Guitar
I-Simple Pleasures
II-The Mysterious Light
III-Come, Sweet Sleep

In Between The Moments

   Eight Preludes

Dreams Of A Distant Land

The Deepening Shadows

Over The Ridge   

The Green Meadow (Reaching Out To The Sun)  

Into The Deep, Quiet Lake   

Crossing The Surging River  

In Between The Light 

The Spring of The Day  

Prelude To The Hope Of Spring

Listen to Gohar Vardanyan playing 'The Drifting Clouds Of Autumn' from this Collection

Listen to Gohar playing 'Prelude No. 8' (Romanza), also from this Collection

Gohar's Webpage

Listen to me playing many of these pieces plus others on my Video and Audio Page

Preludes 9-12 were written after Volume I was published and are available below.


 Here are a few of my compositions

that are not included in the above volume,

that can be downloaded for free as PDFs after viewing


'Air Of The Ages' View  January 31, 2018
This melodic piece was inspired by the French Chant music of the 15th and 16th centuries
'Someday' View  August 17, 2017
Written in appreciation of my father and my first teacher, Gene Roberts. (1914-2000)
'New Beginnings', Vol. I  View  June 16, 2017
Eight Musical Miniatures for the Early Intermediate Guitarist and Beyond
Continuing my mission in 2017 to create easy pieces that introduce techniques, expressions, moods and sounds that are usually reserved for more advance repertoire. 
'Prelude No. 12'  View  March 29, 2017
Meditative piece with free flowing arpeggios.  (Low G and D tuning)
'Prelude No. 11, Lament Of The Lakes'  View  March 21, 2017
This low G and D tuning piece has the feeling of the rising and falling of the waves on our Great Lakes, and expresses my deep concern for their continued health and all that lives in them.
'Prelude No. 10, Solidarity'  View  January 29, 2017
This quick 7/8 time piece is designed for someone in their second or third year of study, exploring the agile shifting of meter and syncopation, as well as D tuning and over ringing textures. 
'Prelude No. 9, Elegy'  View  January 31,2017
This is a meditative and solemn piece; very much in the character of melodies often given to the cello. Prelude No. 1 through 8 are included in 'Classical Guitar Solos' by Brian Roberts, Volume I, available through -Worldwide Distribution. See above.
'After The Colors' (Of Autumn)  View
'Passacaglia'  View 
'Soliloquy'  View
'Eleven Rest Stroke Pieces' View
These pieces are designed to give students of all ages musical experience in their first few months of learning, while developing the technique of playing rest stroke with the fingers and free stroke with the thumb. They are varied in character, and would be also good for a more advanced student who wants to refine their rest stroke technique. 
'The Distant Valley'  View 
'Canzona for Solo Guitar'  View
'Canzona for Duo Guitar' Download
'By The Source Of The Brook'  View 
'Nocturne'  View
'The Whisper Of The Moon'  View
'The Twirl Of The Leaf'  View
'The Peaceful Path'  View 
'Into The Night'  View
'Of Things Past'  View
You can listen to two performances, one by Alex Kaye 
and one by me. 
'Dare To Ask Where The Path Is'  View 
Based on a melody by Xu Qing Mirror. The beautiful Chinese melody that this fantasia was written on was given to me by one of my young students. My original idea was to arrange it as a simply melody with accompaniment, but it turned into a new composition, as I became inspired by the power of the theme. BTW, the answer to the question is at the bottom of the first page of the score.
'Canzona' for Duo Guitar View

'Dance Of The Secret Source' for Guitar Quartet Score Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
*There is a well-known simple guitar piece in it's entirety by Ferdinando Carulli hidden within the background of this piece
'In Good Company' for Guitar Quartet Score Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
'After The Colorsfor Guitar Quartet  Score

Playing my 1984 spruce Robert Ruck in 2007 (#307). I bought this beautiful guitar new in 1984 and played it for 23 years. I now play on a 2008 cedar Stephan Connor (#138), and a spruce 2015 Toby Rzepka (#31). 

Here's an example of my music handwriting from 1977. I'm very thankful for music writing software! Does anyone recognize this piece? :) Email me!

I will gradually be adding more editions as I have free time to get them prepared and uploaded, so check back later to see what I've added. I hope you enjoy them. You are free to use and share them for artistic and non-commercial purposes.