In the beginning, there was Man…

…And Man was hunted.

Creatures from myth and legends are real, descendants from ancestors pushed into hiding from humanity’s expansion. They lived their lives in the shadows, haunting our nightmares, until a nightmare of our own creation made them real again.

During World War 2, the Ahnenerbe project was formed to hunt for and research the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race. However, instead they found other races, Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins and Trolls. They bribed or enslaved these races to fight for them, unleashing them against the disbelieving Allies. Soon, all sides conscripted these other races and the public gradually became aware that they were not alone in the world.

After the fall of the Third Reich, forty-two countries signed a treaty to protect these new races and give them rights so recently reserved for humans. These nations then formed the ‘Grand Alliance’, a council that would police all matters of the supernatural. Each country put forward a council member as well as inviting the other races to nominate their own.

Their first act was to establish ‘the Guild’, the police force they would use to investigate, contain and, sometimes, eliminate supernatural threats to the world. They also elected a ‘Grand Master’ to organise the running of the new organization.

After 60 years, most of humanity has reverted back to denying the presence of monsters and ghouls straight from the pages of horror, which suits the Guild just fine. They operate in the shadows, hunting down rogue creatures and enforcing the laws implemented by the Grand Alliance.

But now, fractures have begun to appear in the Alliance, dark creatures are on the rise, and the Guild will face the greatest test to all races on Earth….

Welcome to Guild of Darkness, a Live Action Role Playing Game set in a alternative reality where supernatural creatures have evolved along side Humans. You play as part of the Guild, a multi racial police force, whose sworn duty is to protect the world against supernatural threats.

Chose from four different races; Werewolf, Vampire, Risen or Human, each with their own history, look and special rules. Guild of Darkness is a game built around unique heroes, so there are lots of way to customize your character.

This is a high combat system with supernatural, fantasy themes for 50-75 players. The event will run from the 20th-22nd of July at Earleywood Campsite.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Players Full Event Ticket- £55

Players Half Now, Half Later- £30 followed by £25 before April 20th.

Monsters- FREE with indoor accommodation and breakfast included.

Tickets go on sale 20th January 2018 and close on June 20th. All players who book before March 10th with receive an extra 10 points to spend during character creation!