Below is a small database that includes all organisms in our collection. For convenience, you can sort alphabetically by Latin name, common name, phylum, location (Folly Beach Groin, Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate, Ft. Johnson Mudflat, Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh, Grice Beach, or Murrells Inlet), or accession number.  The "Organism" name links to the specimen photo and description listed in our Guide.  The "WoRMS" column links to the World Register of Marine Species website for that specimen.

Specimens identified using the following sources:

DeVictor, S.T., Knott, D.M., and S.E. Crowe. 2010. South Carolina Beachcomber's Guide. Columbia, SC: South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. 93 pp.

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Ruppert, E.E., and R.S. Fox. 1988. Seashore Animals of the Southeast. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press. 429 pp.
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OrganismComm NamePhylumLocationAccession #WoRMS link
OrganismComm NamePhylumLocationAccession #WoRMS link
Diopatra cuprea Plumed Worm Annelida Ft. Johnson Mudflat; Grice Beach; Murrells Inlet 11.17 X 
Nereis sp. Nereid Worm Annelida Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate 11.32 X 
Nereis succinea Common Clam Worm Annelida Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh; Murrells Inlet  X 
Notomastus lobatus Capitellid Polychaete Annelida Grice Beach 11.35 X 
Panopeus herbstii Black-Fingered Mud Crab Annelida Ft. Johnson Mudflat  X 
Alphaeus heterochaetis Snapping Shrimp Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Mudflat  X 
Amphibalanus improvisus Bay barnacle Arthropoda Murrells Inlet  X 
Ampithoe valida Amphipod Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate 11.1 X 
Anoplodactylus lentus Lentil sea spider Arthropoda Murrells Inlet  X 
Balanus amphitrite Striped Barnacle Arthropoda Folly Beach Groin; Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate 11.5 X 
Balanus eburneus Ivory Barnacle Arthropoda Folly Beach Groin; Grice Beach 11.6 X 
Callinectes ornatus Ornate Blue Crab Arthropoda Grice Beach 11.11 X 
Callinectes sapidus Atlantic Blue Crab Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Mudflat; Grice Beach 11.12 X 
Caprella penantis Amphipod Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Mudflat  X 
Chthamalus fragilis Acorn Barnacle Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh  X 
Chthamalus fragilis Barnacle Arthropoda Folly Beach Groin; Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh; Murrells Inlet  X 
Clibanarius vittatus Thinstripe Hermit Crab Arthropoda Grice Beach; Murrells Inlet 11.13 X 
Elasmopus levis Amphipod Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Mudflat  X 
Emerita talpoida Atlantic Sand Crab Arthropoda Grice Beach 11.18  
Eurypanopeus depressus Depressed mud crab Arthropoda Murrells Inlet  X 
Gammarus sp. Amphipod Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate; Ft. Johnson Mudflat 11.20 X 
Limulus polyphemus Horseshoe Crab Arthropoda Grice Beach Not Collected  
Melampus bidentatus Common marsh snail Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh  X 
Ovalipes ocellatus Ocellate Lady Crab Arthropoda Grice Beach 11.36  
Pagurus longicarpus Long-clawed Hermit Crab Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Mudflat; Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh 11.37 X 
Palaemonetes pugio Daggerblade Grass Shrimp Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Mudflat  X 
Palaemonetes vulgaris Marsh Grass Shrimp Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate; Ft. Johnson Mudflat 11.38 X 
Sesarma reticulatum Heavy Marsh Crab Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh 11.43 X 
Sphaeroma quadridentatum Sea Pill Bug Arthropoda Folly Beach Groin; Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate; Murrells Inlet 11.44 X 
Uca minax Brackish Water Fiddler Crab Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh 11.48 X 
Uca pugnax Marsh Fiddler Crab Arthropoda Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh 11.49 X 
Anguinella palmata  Bryozoa Folly Beach Groin  X 
Membranipora tenuis Sea Mat Bryozoa Grice Beach 11.29  
Schizoporella unicornis Single-Horn Bryozoan Bryozoa Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate 11.41 X 
Molgula manhattensis Common Sea Grape Chordata Grice Beach 11.31  
Astrangia poculata Northern Star Coral Cnidaria Grice Beach 11.3  
Bunodosoma cavernatum Warty anemone Cnidaria  Folly Beach Groin; Murrells Inlet  X 
Leptogoria virgulata Sea Whip Cnidaria Grice Beach 11.24  
Arbacia punctulata Purple spined sea urchin Echinodermata Murrells Inlet  X 
Hemipholis elongata Burrowing or Blood Brittle Star Echinodermata Ft. Johnson Mudflat  X 
Luidia clathrata Gray Sea Star Echinodermata Folly Beach Groin  X 
Sclerodactyla briareus Hairy Cucumber Echinodermata Grice Beach 11.42  
Balanoglossus aurantiaca Acorn Worm Hemichordata Grice Beach 11.7  
Saccoglossus kowalevskii Acorn Worm Hemichordata Grice Beach 11.40  
Anadera transversa Transverse Ark Mollusca Grice Beach 11.2  
Atrina seminuda Half-naked Penshell Mollusca Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate 11.4  
Brachidontes exustus Scorched Mussel Mollusca Folly Beach Groin; Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate; Murrells Inlet 11.8 X 
Busycon canaliculatus Channeled Whelk Mollusca Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate 11.9  
Busycon carica Knobbed Whelk Mollusca Ft. Johnson Mudflat; Grice Beach 11.10 X 
Caenogastropoda Eastern White Slipper Shell Mollusca Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate 11.16 X 
Crassostrea virginica Eastern Oyster Mollusca Folly Beach Groin; Ft. Johnson Oyster Bar; Grice Beach; Murrells Inlet 11.14 X 
Crepidula convexa Convex Slipper Shell Mollusca Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate 11.15  
Echinolittorina placida Interrupted periwinkle Mollusca Folly Beach Groin; Murrells Inlet  X 
Eupleura caudata Thick-lip Drill Mollusca Ft. Johnson Hard Substrate 11.19  
Guekensia demissa Ribbed Mussel Mollusca Ft. Johnson Saltmarsh; Grice Beach; Murrells Inlet 11.21 X 
Haminoea solitaria Solitary Glassy Bubble Mollusca Grice Beach 11.22  
Ilyanassa obsoleta Eastern Mud Snail Mollusca Folly Beach Groin; Ft. Johnson Mudflat; Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh; Grice Beach 11.23 X 
Littorina irrorata Marsh Periwinkle Mollusca Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh 11.26 X 
Littorina littorea Common Periwinkle Mollusca Grice Beach 11.27  
Lunarca ovalis Blood Ark Mollusca Grice Beach 11.28  
Mercenaria mercenaria Northern quahog Mollusca Grice Beach; Ft. Johnson Mudflat 11.30 X 
Neverita duplicata Moon Snail / Shark Eye Mollusca Grice Beach; Murrells Inlet 11.33 X 
Noetia ponderosa Ponderous Ark Mollusca Grice Beach 11.34  
Polymesoda caroliniana Carolina Marsh Clam Mollusca Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh  X 
Raeta plicatella Channeled Duck Clam Mollusca Grice Beach 11.39  
Spisula raveneli Southern Surfclam Mollusca Grice Beach 11.45  
Tagelus plebeius Stout Razor Clam Mollusca Grice Beach 11.46  
Terebra dislocata Common Auger Mollusca Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh 11.47 X 
Urosalpinx cinerea Oyster Drill Mollusca Ft. Johnson Salt Marsh; Murrells Inlet 11.51 X 
Nemertean sp. Ribbonworms Nemertea Ft. Johnson Mudflat  X 
Chalinula loosanoffi Sponge Porifera Murrells Inlet  X 
Eudistoma hepaticum Sea liver Tunicata Murrells Inlet  X 
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