APA Style Guide

In psychology, we use the APA (American Psychological Association) style guide for our papers. Many disciplines have their own style that they follow, which can make it a little confusing at the beginning of your research career. However, each styles serves a different purpose. In your English classes, you may use MLA (Modern Language Association) which tells you the location within a text that the quote or reference was found. In your history classes, you may use Chicago manual. This style focuses publication houses, dates, and references in the citations in footnotes. Social Sciences- like psychology and political science- use APA, which always provides the date of the research. This helps a read contextualize the age of the theories and studies.

Here is a short checklist of most common mistakes students make in the APA style:

  • Titles only have the first letter capitalized (or proper nouns)

  • Running header is title and page number, not your last name

  • In-text citations are (Last name, date).

  • There are NO footnotes

  • The bibliography is called References

      • they have hanging indentations

      • no line is skipped between entries

      • they are in alphabetical order

This links you to a great lib guide about APA citations.