Contacting Leah Greene

The best way to contact me is through email ( I can usually respond within 24-hours. Please note that I often do not check email after 3:30pm, so emails received after 4 pm will probably not be replied to until 7:00am the following day. If it is an emergency, you can text or leave a message at (919)766-0652 or through TalkingPoints.

I believe in presenting as much information to my students and their families as possible in a convenient manner. I send out weekly reminders on Sunday afternoons about the next week's expectations. Each course has a Canvas course & webpage that includes weekly announcements, unit agendas and curriculum, resources, and study tools. Students can also find due dates and weekly agendas posted on the weekly agenda.

Students should consider using Remind for their class to receive updates via text and/or email, which can be done through the class link to in the right sidebar. Also, remember to check the whiteboard postings in the classroom and record due dates from the unit agendas.  

Office Hours

I am usually at school until 3:00 each day; however, I often have meetings. Therefore, just double check if I am available for tutoring or an appointment when you see me in class. I am also available Monday through Thursday in the mornings from 6:50am until 7:18am in room 3207.