For Students

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

~Nelson Mandela

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find out what I missed when I was absent? Please subscribe to your class's Remind in order to receive the weekly texts with the agenda. You can also look at your class webpage & Google Classroom to find out what we did while you were out and download handouts or notes. Another good idea is to have a study buddy in the class. Give them a call and see what you missed.

When can I stay after for tutoring? I will hold daily office hours from 1:00-2:00pm Monday-Friday. You can join me through Google Meet by using the room nickname LGreeneOffice. I am available Tuesdays afterschool for tutoring, except for the second Tuesday of the month. In addition, I stay after school until at least 3:00pm Monday-Thursday; however, I am occasionally in meetings. Please feel free to pop in after 2:18 or make an appointment.

Can I turn in work late? I do not accept late assignments. However, I do know that life happens and sometimes you need a little grace with an assignment. The first day of class, I will give you two "DOG" passess (Day of Grace). You are able to hand in two assignments during the year one class period late without penalty.

Do you offer extra credit? I do not offer extra credit, but I do offer chances to make points back and score better on your tests. Throughout the year, there will be some opportunities to hand in a study guide, film reviews, or other academic tasks for an optional grade. You wouldn't be penalized for not handing in the assignment and your grade will not suffer; on the flip side, turning in these optional assignments will boost your grade.

Students who make lower than an 85% on quizzes can complete quiz corrections to earn half the missed points back toward their score (but they cannot earn above an 85%). The time to make up points is usually in-class and only occurs when a student takes the assessment on the original date. Students can also complete optional assignments which will decrease the weight of other assignments.

Furthermore, students can use DOG passes to boost summative assessments by 5 points.

What is the no-zero policy? I do not feel that the 100-point system is mathematically fair to students because there is a 40-point range for passing and a 60-point range of failure. Therefore, the lowest grade a student can earn on an ATTEMPTED assignment is 30% of the points possible. If you do not hand in an assignment at all, you may be assigned 0% of the points possible. Lastly, if you are caught plagiarizing, you will receive a zero and be reported to administration.