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"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery."

~Mark Van Doren

Leah Greene's Professional Philosophy

I believe a significant part of my role as an educator is to help develop the profession beyond the walls of the school in which I teach. As a mentor, I guide new and veteran teachers alike in improving their classroom management, professional flow, and lesson designs.

I have extensive experience in curriculum development for the humanities, having written local, state, national and international curriculum. I am well versed in the objectives set forth by North Carolina, the College Board, and the International Baccalaureate Organization for curriculum design, and practice those objectives as I build course materials. I believe that learning should be a journey of exploration. Although there are times when lecture is a necessary means to an end, I weave collaboration, research, presentation, and creative expression into the majority of my lessons. With that said, I am also an advocate of teaching with the standards in mind and using Understanding by Design (Wiggins and McTighe, 2005). Jennifer Gonzalez beautifully explains the problems inherent with "fun" projects in her October 30, 2016 blog post entitled "Is your lesson a Grecian Urn?" and I strive to not only love what I teach, but ensure that lessons are aligned with the standards and inspire students to love what they are learning.

I am an active presenter at national conferences for social studies, serve as an AP reader, and am frequently invited to sit on panels that seek to advance the teaching profession.

I am happy to share my experience with colleagues near and far, and am always interested in opportunities to continue to develop our profession. Please feel free to contact me!

Professional Development for Opportunities High School Teachers

Labs for the High School Psychology Classroom

Webtools for effective instruction

  • Rewordify | free online tools for simplifying text that may be too challenging for student access

Freud statue at Clark University, Worcester, MA, commemorating Freud's lecture in 1909- the only lecture given outside of Europe (2018).
Participants of the 2017 APA Summit on High School Psychology, Weber State Univ., Ogden, UT.Seventy-two of us met for a week- after 6 months of preliminary work with the APA- to improve the status of psychology in high schools and to promote the study of our field as a science. Reflections on the APA Summit on High School Psychology Education.
Dr. David Meyers, most popular psychology textbook writer and social psychologist at Hope College in New Holland, MI (2017).
Dr. Phillip Zimbardo at the National Social Studies Conference (2011).
Dr. Albert Bandura at Stanford University (2011).