Greater New Orleans Chapter of ARMA

What is GNO-ARMA?

The Greater New Orleans Chapter of ARMA is a chapter of ARMA International which serves the Greater New Orleans area. Our Chapter has been serving the records and information management community since 1964. Throughout our storied history, the Greater New Orleans Chapter has been instrumental is providing education, support and networking opportunities to professionals in the region. As our industry changes, our Chapter is dedicated to facilitating the professional growth of our membership and the continued support of the ARMA International mission.

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ARMA is the driving force in the promotion and advocacy of information management professionals.

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ARMA International is committed to providing our community of members and information management professionals with industry best practices and opportunities for professional development, ongoing education, and networking.

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50 Years of Service

The Greater New Orleans Chapter of ARMA International is celebrating 50-plus years of leadership in the New Orleans Area!

In the 2012- 2013 chapter year, which coincided with its fiftieth year in operation, GNO-ARMA had the distinction of earning the only GOLD level Chapter Merit Award in the association, meeting several criteria towards ARMA International's overall mission.

Upcoming Events

GNO-ARMA has regular educational meetings on a monthly basis, except during the summer and around the holidays.

Coming March 17, 2022

Five Mistakes that Sabotage a RIM Program

Are you working hard to improve your RIM program, but there are seemingly multiple roadblocks that come up? Do you have the sense there is something preventing or even sabotaging your progress? This session will discuss five of the top mistakes that hinder a RIM program and what you can do to avoid them.

Cost: Free

Location: Cyberspace

Continuing education: 1 CMP

RSVP: Please RSVP by March 16th if you plan to attend; regrets 24 hours.

Takeaways of the presentation

  • NFT's are good technology, bad brand.

  • NFT's have true practical value, but it is not always clear how to show it.

  • We will explore how Blockchain stacks up against The Principles of Information Governance

About the Speaker

Deborah Robbins, CRM, CIP is the current Chair of the ICRM Mentoring Committee, and a leader of a CRA/CRM Study Group. Deborah has over eighteen years of experience in the Records and Information Governance field, in city and county governments, legal, finance, education, utilities, and private sectors. She has been involved in two ARMA local leadership boards. Deborah has served as a frequent speaker on topics such as data mapping, gaining compliance with RIM programs, professional growth, change management and business continuity and disaster recovery.

Coming April 21, 2022

Preparing for Disasters

Date: April 21, 2022

In every geographical area of the world, there are disasters created by humans and nature. While each organization plans for evacuating buildings, protecting people and property, the same care, and attention to planning should be placed on the records of the organization. If information is an important asset, the planning for the protection of this asset prior to a disaster is paramount.


  • Learn about risk assessment/mitigation, disaster plans and supplies, disaster team planning, salvage priorities, recovery efforts and resources.

  • Form an understanding of a basic disaster management plan and what steps are needed to protect organizational assets when disaster strikes.

Cost: FreeLocation: Cyberspace Continuing education: 1 CMPRSVP: Please RSVP by April 20th if you plan to attend; regrets 24 hours.

About the Speaker

Emilie Leumas, PhD is a certified archivist and certified records manager. She has more than 25 years of experience in the field of archives and records management. Leumas holds leadership positions in national and international archives organizations, including chairing the ICA Sections, ICA Expert Group on Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness and representing ICA at Blue Shield International. Leumas received national and international recognition for her efforts in disaster recovery after Hurricane Katrina. She has participated in recovery efforts after local and regional disasters, especially those related to flooding in south Louisiana. She has presented conference papers, facilitated workshops and guest lectured at local, state, national and international meetings on subjects including disaster recovery, risk management, salvaging wet records, archives management, and records management. Her book publications include Speaking French in Louisiana 1720-1955 (Louisiana State University Press, 2018); Managing Diocesan Archives and Records: A Guide for Bishops, Chancellors and Archivists (Association of Catholic Diocesan Archivists, 2012); and Roots of Faith: History of the Diocese of Baton Rouge (2009).

Coming May 19, 2022