1. GMH-Map Project

A Global Map for a Global Movement

GMH-Map is an ongoing, collaborative project to research, organize, and share important GMH resources. The project seeks to further orient those involved in the health fields and other sectors to the GMH domain. It includes three parts: a website, publications, and training.

The initial GMH-Map article  kicked off the GMH-Map Project. It was published in the July 2011 issue of Psychology International (Office of International Affairs, American Psychological Association)--see below. This three-page article is a summary of the longer research article that includes an extensive compilation of resources, published July 2012 in International Perspoectives in Psycholgy: Research, Practice, Consutation (GMH: A Resource Primer for Exploring the Domain). The purpose of both of these articles, similar to this web site, is to help people get a clearer sense of the GMH domain, to meaningfully connect and contribute to it, and to include mental health in their respective areas of work.

We note that any" map" designed to guide you through the GMH domain is still a work in progress. It is analogous 
to something like a 17th century map of the earth that is still not fully detailed or complete (as per the image above).  

**Article 1.  Global Mental Health:  A Resource Map for Connecting and Contributing (Psychology International, July 2011). This brief article provides a 60 minute overview of GMH via links to 10 written/multimedia resources on the web. It’s a great way to quickly see the big picture.

 **Article 2Global Mental Health: Finding Your Niches and Networks (Psychology International, March 2012). This brief article builds upon the first article. It identifies 10 overlapping areas of GMH (niche-nets) with links to current web resources for each area.

 **Article 3Global Mental Health: A Resource Primer for Exploring the Domain (International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation, July 2012). This is a major research article with an extensive listing of GMH resources, prioritizing those from the last 10 years.  The resources are categorized into six areas:  organizations, publications, conferences, training, human rights, and humanitarian. It is also foundational for the previous two articles as well as the new web site, GMH-Map—part of a collaborative project to identify and share GMH resources widely.

**Article 4. Exploring Global Mental Health: A Global Map for a Global Movement. In K. O’Donnell (Ed). (2013). Global member care (vol. 2): Crossing sectors for serving humanity (pp. 229-244). Pasadena ,CA: WIlliam Carey Library.

**Article 5Global Mental Health: Strategies for Staying Updated (Psychology International, March 2014)–Click here for the full version of the article. This brief article identifies seven “GMH flows” that are important for getting updated and staying updated in GMH. It also includes relevant updates from other sectors–health, humanitarian, development, economic.

**Article 6. Global Mental Health: Tracking and Trekking Across Sectors (Psychology International, June 2015).”Mental health colleagues continue to play key roles in leveraging their skills, interests and character strengths as they connect and contribute across sectors on behalf of the well-being of people and our planet. The article is organized into two main sections: Context resources (six representative reports on global issues) and core resources (six representative lists of GMH materials). Collectively, the resources are designed to help you “track” (stay current) and “trek” (collaborate together) with GMH, especially in view of the major efforts underway to promote comprehensive sustainable development.”

**Article 7Global Mental Health: Sharing and Synthesizing Knowledge for Sustainable Development (Global Mental Health, September, 2016). "Global mental health (GMH) is a growing domain with an increasing capacity to positively impact the world community’s efforts for sustainable development and wellbeing. Sharing and synthesizing GMH and multi-sectoral knowledge, the focus of this paper, is an important way to support these global efforts. This paper consolidates some of the most recent and relevant ‘context resources’ [global multi-sector (GMS) materials, emphasizing world reports on major issues] and ‘core resources’ (GMH materials, including newsletters, texts, conferences, training, etc.). In addition to offering a guided index of materials, it presents an orientation framework (global integration) to help make important information as accessible and useful as possible. Mental health colleagues are encouraged to stay current in GMH and global issues, to engage in the emerging agendas for sustainable development and wellbeing, and to intentionally connect and contribute across sectors. Colleagues in all sectors are encouraged to do likewise, and to take advantage of the wealth of shared and synthesized knowledge in the GMH domain, such as the materials featured in this paper." (Abstract)

**Article 8.  GMH: Collaborating Across Sectors for Sustainable Development and Wellbeing (co-authored with Julian Eaton). Mental Health: A Forgotten Facet of Health Care (special theme-issue), Medicus Mundi Switzerland, Bulletin 141 (29 June 2017). "This article orients colleagues across sectors to Global Mental Health (GMH) and its relevance for the collective efforts to promote sustainable development and wellbeing. The authors include examples of GMH resources organized into 10 areas of “GMH Engagement”. Colleagues are encouraged to connect and contribute to GMH as they consider the application of the materials featured in this article for their work." (Abstract)

GMH Presentations
GMH: Tracking and Trekking Across Sectors; powerpoint by Kelly and Michele O’Donnell, William James College, Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health, USA, (inaugural conference, 26 June 2015)

GMH and NGOs: Working Together Well! Short version of power point-plenary session, Kelly O’Donnell, HimalPartner GMH Seminar, Oslo, 7 March 2014

GMH: A Resource Map for Connecting and Contributing Keynote/power point presentation at the Nordic WHO Simulation Conference, Copenhagen, 7 August 2013–a GMH overview including six short video links; click here for the handouts

GMH: Staying Updated-Crossing Sectors, Spring Conversation Series, O’Neill Institute, Georgetown University. 6 May 2013,  

GMH Net-Hubs
Keep in the forefront the opportunities for “selfless moral struggle” in partnering with others (Patel et al. 2011, p. 90) and the “duty and choice to risk one’s owns rights and well-being” on behalf of fellow humans (O’Donnell, 2011, p. 187). Develop your personal character and professional competence as a responsible global citizen. Form a global caravan for your GMH journey in the service of humanity. (Adapted from GMH: A Resource Primer for Exploring the Domain2012)

Here is a brief proposal for developing Net-Hubs (global caravans for GMH):
**Global-MH-Geneva (Glove–Net-Hub)

More on the GMH-Map Project 

GMH-Map, set up in 2011, is a collaborative project to research, organize, and share important GMH resources. The project is overseen by Member Care Associates Inc., a small non-profit organisation registered in the United States, primarily working internationally from Geneva in humanitarian psychology, personnel development for mission/aid/development workers and their organisations, and global mental health (www.MemberCareAssociates.org). GMH-Map has three parts designed to further orient colleagues from all sectors to GMH: publications, training, and this webs site. The initial article was published in July 2011 (Psychology International). The initial presentation of the GMH Resource Map material occurred as a workshop at the World Mental Health Congress, organised by the World Federation for Mental Health in Cape Town October 2011. The GMH-Map web site went live in November 2011.