1. GMH-Map Project

Note--click here for the one page Update of core resource materials for GMH orientation (GMH-Map project)

e initial GMH-Map article was published in the July 2011 issue of Psychology International (Office of International Affairs, American Psychology Association). This three-page article is a summary of the longer research article that includes an extensive compilation of resources, published July 2012 in International Perspoectives in Psycholgy: Research, Practice, Consutation (GMH: A Resource Primer for Exploring the Domain). The purpose of both of these articles, similar to this web site, is to help people get a clearer sense of the GMH domain, and to meaningfully connect and contribute to it. You will note that any" map" designed to guide you through the GMH domain is still a work in progress---analogous to a 17th century map of the earth that is still not fully detailed or complete (as per the image to the left).  To access the initial article: Global Mental Health: A Resource Map for Connecting and Contributing. 
An additional GMH-Map article was published in the March 2012 issue of Psychology International. It provides examples of current, core materials in GMH, organised in terms of 10 "niche-net" areas. The article is three pages, includes an expanded definition of GMH, and concludes with some encouraging words for students and professionals alike to "stay the course" in GMH. To access this second article: GMH--Finding Your Niches and Networks

The latest GMH article, GMH: Strategies for Staying Updated, was published  in Psychology International, March 2014 (Vol. 25, No. 1) Iidentifies seven "GMH flows” that are important for getting updated and staying updated in GMH. It also includes relevant updates from other sectors–health, humanitarian, development, economic. You can also access the the full version of the article here on the GMH-Map website or on the MGMH website.
Notes: All four of these articles above provide a fairly quick overview of many historical and current resources in GMH (reflecting some historical highlights as well). In addition to their use by individuals, the articles are designed to be included as part of a mental health-related course and training curriculum in the health fields. Current  work is pulling together some of the core orientation materials on this site in seven categories, emphasizing  the new category of "GMH gatherings (2013-2014)" and including several links for power point and videos presentations.  Click here to access the current draft. An additional GMH orientation article was published in November 2013 in Global Member Care (volume 2): Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity (chapter 21, "Exploring global mental health; A global map for a global movement").
More on the GMH-Map Project 

GMH-Map, set up in 2011, is a collaborative project to research, organize, and share important GMH resources. The project is overseen by Member Care Associates Inc., a small non-profit organisation registered in the United States and working internationally in humanitarian psychology, personnel development for mission/aid workers, and global mental health (www.MemberCareAssociates.org).


GMH-Map currently includes three parts designed to further orient people to GMH.


1. Publications: See the articles described above. Additional goals: Include versions of the articles in text books and encourage colleagues to  do periodic, brief articles with updated, core GMH resources.


2. Training: The initial presentation of the GMH Resource Map material occurred as a workshop at the World Mental Health Congress, organised by the World Federation for Mental Health in Cape Town October 2011. Additional goals: Present these materials in other training events such as plenaries, symposia, workshops, and online modules as well as see them increasingly included as part of academic courses in the health fields and in different sectors.


3. Web site: The GMH-Map web site went live in November 2011 although it has not been formally launched/publicised (as of February 2012). It lists key GMH resources along with perspectives and issues for further understanding this domain. Some of the initial categories of resources will include: advocacy and rights, conferences and events, issues and directions, organizations and networks, training and learning, updates and links, and regional and non-English languages. Additional goals:  The site, like the overall project, is being set up as a collaborative effort. Thus other GMH-related organisations will be invited to endorse and lnk to it and to actively contribute content.



Other possible areas:

Setting up GMH net-hubs in different locations.

Click here for a one-page proposal with ideas for setting up informal GMH affiliations.
The initial focus is in Geneva but is is also applicable to other settings internationally.