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Update December 2023

Save the Date:
World Mental Health Day (10 October 2023)
"Mental health is a universal human right"

This site is part of a collaborative project to further orient colleagues to Global Mental Health (GMH). Since 2011, the GMH-Map project has complemented the growing efforts to develop GMH around the world, to work collaboratively across sectors, and to promote sustainable wellbeing for all people and the planet.

Starting January 2018, we have scaled back this website in light of the development of other internet-based mechanisms to track with GMH, some of the main ones being the GMH Action Network, the Mental Health Innovation Network, and the WHO MINDbank. We continue to update it though with some of the new GMH-related resources as well as those from our parent organization, Member Care Associates. Click here for information about the GMH-Map Project.  SInce 2020 we have also included more resources related to another stratategic domain that overlaps with GMH--Global Psychology

We welcome collaborating on this site with colleagues and students for suggestions and updates. Contact us at Member Care Associates:
Kelly O'Donnell, PsyD and Michele Lewis O'Donnell,  PsyD


Getting Oriented

For ongoing updates, see the various GMH newsletters and GMH websites.

Review the latest summary of our GMH orientation materials from GMH-Map.

Watch the GMH TEDTalk by Dr. Vikram Patel: Mental Health for All by Involving All. 


GMH Defined

"GMH is a growing domain of study, research, and practice which promotes  equitable mental health and wellbeing for all--locally through globally and everything in-between. It is international, interdisciplinary, culturally-relevant, and multi-sectoral; emphasizes the right to health and equity in health; encourages healthy behaviours and lifestyles; is committed to preventing and treating mental, neurological, and substance use conditions (MNS) especially for vulnerable populations (e.g., in settings of poverty, conflict, calamity, and trauma) and in low- and middle-income countries; and seeks to improve policies and programs; professional practices and research; advocacy and awareness; and social, structural, systemic, and environmental factors that affect mental health and wellbeing." GMH: Collaborating for Sustainable Development and Wellbeing (2022) and based on the initial definition in GMH: Finding Your Niches and Networks (2012)

"We acknowledge, with much appreciation, that many of the developments and directions in GMH are being shaped and implemented by colleagues out of the spotlight, on the ground, in the trenches—often unrecognized and under-funded.
Thank you for your commitment and perseverance!  "All that is gold does not glitter." Tolkien"
O'Donnell, Eaton, Lewis O'Donnell (2021)

2022 WHO World Mental Health Report
"Mental health is critically important to everyone, everywhere. All over the world, mental health needs are high but responses are insufficient and inadequate. The World mental health report: transforming mental health for all is designed to inspire and inform better mental health for everyone everywhere. Drawing on the latest evidence available, showcasing examples of good practice from around the world, and voicing people’s lived experience, it highlights why and where change is most needed and how it can best be achieved. It calls on all stakeholders to work together to deepen the value and commitment given to mental health, reshape the environments that influence mental health, and strengthen the systems that care for mental health."

November 2023--Reaffirming our recommendations: We strongly encourage psychology and mental health-related training programs--and related health disciplines--to include this Report  as a core text in at least one of their courses and in general in their training programs. We featured this Report in our July 2022 Global Integration Update. The same recommendation is  for the WHO Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2030. We consider both of these items to be "GMH Bookends" that help to shape and support GMH resources/efforts across sectors and settings, countries and cultures.
Kelly and Michele O'Donnell

Book Series: Behavioral Science in the Global ArenaInformation Age Publishing in collaboration with the Psychology Coalition at the United Nations (PCUN). New authors and ideas are welcome for upcoming chapters/volumes (colleagues and graduate students in mental health and other sectors). Contact Dr. Elaine Congress, series co-editor

--Volume One: Addressing Timely Issues at the United Nations and Beyond (2020)
--Volume Two: Global Mental, Spiritual, and Social Health (2022)
--Volume Three: Global Health Trends and Issues (2022)
--More volumes are planned

Special News 2023-2022

--Financing Mental Health: The Current Situation and Ways Forward (October 2023). United for GMH (20 pages)
--World Humanitarian Day 19 August 2023 (WHD)--To commemorate this special day we are featuring a foundational work by Raymond Saner, "Manifestation of Stress and Its Impact on the Humanitarian Work of the ICRC Delegate." Political Psychology, Vol. 11, No. 4, December 1990, pp. 757-765. Very relevant and worth reading! See the WHD website for more information including the short video overview and the section with stories from survivors marking the 20th anniversary of the attack on the UN in Baghdad.


--2023 Global Mental Health Conference: Research Without Borders--register online. October 30–November 1, 2023 Location: Hybrid--NIH Campus, Natcher Auditorium, Bethesda, Maryland USA and Virtual

--Mental Health in Complex Emergencies Course (30 August-15 December 2023). The course "is designed for professionals in mental health and social work, staff in humanitarian health and protection programs and volunteers who wish to learn how to establish, enhance, or integrate mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) into humanitarian programmes...[It] course covers prevention, preparedness and response strategies that can be used with communities affected by diverse humanitarian emergencies, including conflict, post conflict, and disaster settings, and with refugees or internally displaced populations."

--Save the Date: World Mental Health Day (10 October 2023) "Mental health is a universal human right"

--16th Annul Psycholgy Day at the United Nations. "Psychological Contributions to Global Peace, Conflict Resolution and Equity." Thursday April 27, 2023-- 10 AM to 2 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). Organized by the Psychology Coalition of NGOs having consultative status with the UN ECOSOC (PCUN)

--Internationalizing the Psychology Curriculum: How and Why? An excellent 75 minute webinar with several presenters, 21 April 2023, organized by APA Division 52 and PCUN. Recording HERE and power points HERE.

See also Anthony Marsella's foundational article on this topic (2001)

--Integrating Mental Health into HIV and TB Programmes. "The new 5-year strategy from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria—The Global Fund Strategy (2023–2028)—includes mental health for the first time. This means the 2023-2025 allocation period is a critical moment to ensure Global Fund grants support context specific interventions for mental health."

--World Health Organization  Guidelines on Mental Health at Work along with the WHO-ILO Mental Health at Work: Policy Brief---published on 28 September 2022. "WHO’s first-ever global guidelines on mental health at work provide evidence-based recommendations to improve mental health at work by supporting those who live with, or without, a mental health condition to participate and thrive at work. With an estimated 60% of the world in work, these guidelines provide much needed recommendations for employers, workers and stakeholders responsible for the health, safety and well-being of working people." 

--​“Moving Human Rights to the Forefront of Psychology—Summary of the Final Report of the APA T​a​sk Force on Human Rights​" American Psychologist (May-June 2022). It is guided by the “Five Connections Framework to Psychology” and especially in view of  international human rights instruments. Here is a link to the Final Report itself.

--Climate Change and Mental Health webinar recording with summary notes and references (27 April 2022) United for Global Mental Health--"Mental Health for All" webinar series

Four "International Psychology" Events and Webinars



--Harvard Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery Certificate. Program Harvard Medical School Intensive Online Training In Principles and Practices in Global Mental Health. April 25-May 6, 2022

--WHO QualityRights e-Training  --Launch 12 April 2022 launch event HERE

--Teaching International Psychology (addressing global concerns and excelling as leaders). APA Division 52--International Psychology. 18 Jan. 2022​. Recording available HERE. Featuring professors and graduates from the International Psychology Department at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

--Human Rights--Why They Matter for the Psychology Profession. International Council of Psychologists. Dr. Nora Sveaasa,  University of Oslo and Dr. Michael Wessells,  Columbia University. 27 Jan. 2022,  9:30 ET

Featured Highlights 2023-2022

--Are You a "Non"? Respecting Colleagues-Balancing Influence. Global Integration Update (October 2023)

--Internationalization of Psychology: Indicators, Challenges, Benefits and Risks (opening editorial-overview) by Claudia Zuniga and Merry Bullock-- Trends in Psychology (September 2023) special issue on Internationalization in Psychology

--Grant Rich and Kelly O’Donnell (2023). Global Mental Health. In Oxford Bibliographies in Psychology. Ed. Dana S. Dunn. New York: Oxford University Press. Note--The pre-copyedited version of this article is on the GMH-Map website. "This module features resources representing key GMH developments and directions, organized into 11 sections. Due to GMH’s overlapping and broad range of topics, many more sections could also include: history, climate/environment, corruption, universal health coverage, multi-dimensional poverty, trauma, implementation science, social determinants of health, mental health and psychosocial support, substance use and addictions, national and regional overviews, etc. Note that many of these topics are addressed in the chapters of the edited books included in the References and Texts section."

--Mental Health Newsletter,  WHO (June 2023)

--Global Mental Health 1, School of Psychology and Counseling, Regent University (18 February 2023). Video of the first half of the class (50 minutes, password is: +$EH?B1z) moderated by Dr. Emily Hervey (course instructor) in which the three guest presenters share about their professional and faith-based backgrounds and perspectives on GMH: Dr. Julian Eaton (UK--04'30"-22'30"), Dr. Smyrna Khalaf (Lebanon--23'-30'), and Dr. Kelly O'Donnell (USA--30'45"-49'30).  Global MH-Psyc-MHPSS in the Missio Dei: Seven Foundations-Directions  (Kelly's powerpoint)

--O’Donnell, K., Lewis O’Donnell, M., Eaton, J., & Valle-Trabadelo, C. (February, 2023). Supporting our graduate training programs--Collaborating with our international colleagues: Special presentations on global mental health/global psychology (GMH-Psyc). International Psychology Bulletin 27(1). APA Division 52, International Psychology. 

--Top 20 Priortiy Questons for MHPSS Research in Huanitarian Settings (priorities for 2021-2030)
Phuong Tao Le and Wietse Tol (2023)

--Resisting Despair and Disillusion: Will it Get Worse before it Gets Worse? Global Integration Update (January 2023)

--Going Global: How Psychologists Can Meet a World of Need (2023), edited by Craig Shealy, Merry Bullock, and Shagufa Kapadia, American Psychological Association; see the pdf of the TOC and Introduction

----IASC Handbook, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Coordination (December 2022)
--11 November 2022: Global Mental Health Care Course, Regent University:
1. The IASC MHPSS Reference Group: History and How It Works, Carmen Valle-Trabadelo; Links for  the video (17 minutes)powerpointreading list-resources
2. GMH Overview, Update, and Directions, Michele and Kelly O'Donnell;  Link for the powerpoint 

--18 October 2022: GMH Overview, Updates, and Directions: Sustainable Development-Survival-Destruction? Kelly O'Donnell, Fordham  University, Social Psychology and Clinical Psychology Seminar and Psychology Coalition at the UN Forum (powerpoint HERE; 22 minute video HERE)

--World Mental Health Day 10 October 2022--Make Mental Health and Wellbeing for All a Global Priority. See the September Newsletter by GMH Action Network for a list of several GMH-related events and webinars happening around the time of WMHD-10 October Here are three examples:

--October 10 2022: The Lancet Commission on Ending Stigma and Discrimination in Mental Health Report. 

--October 10 2022: Generational Perspective Dialogue #GPD22, Awesome Mind Speaks

--October 13-14 2022: Global Mental Health Summit 2022  (the 4th, held this year in Rome)

Special issue of the Journal of Cross-Cultual Psychology (August 2022) focusing on the last 50 years--articles available for free download. TOC HERE

Global Integrity Day, 9 June 2022--Integrity and Corruption in the Health Sector (The theme includes mental health.) "Moral health for a more whole world." Launched in 2020, Global Integrity Day is a positive day to reflect, teach, and collaborate on ways to integrate integrity in all we do throughout the entire year. It is a strategic day to promote a) cultivating lifestyles, cultures, and systems of integrity from the individual through the international levels; b) joining together to understand and address the causes and consequences of corruption in its many forms; and c) working towards just and equitable societies with wellbeing for all people and for the planet.

Behavioural Sciences for Better Health Initiative, WHO (May 2022). “This Report by the WHO Director-General “provides an overview and update on some of the work being performed by the organization in this area and outlines the way forward for WHO and Member States to create synergies and finding ways to better integrate behavioural sciences into their work.” See the designated website section  for more information, projects, and resources. Note  also the Behavioral Science Report (2021) by the UN Innovation Network. 

"The challenges-goals, as we see it,  continue to center around...
the collaborative, equitable, scaled up, sustainable implementation of mental health
on behalf of wellbeing for all people and peoples,  especially the most vulnerable/neglected. " 

Keep in the forefront the opportunities for “selfless moral struggle” in partnering with others (Patel et al. 2011, p. 90) and the “duty and choice to risk one’s owns rights and well-being” on behalf of fellow humans (O’Donnell, 2011, p. 187). Develop your personal character and professional competence as a responsible global citizen. Form a global caravan for your GMH journey in the service of humanity.
Adapted from GMH: A Resource Primer for Exploring the Domain, 2012)

10 October 2017: Celebrating World Mental Health Day together at the O'Donnell's home in France outside of Geneva, following the WHO mhGAP Forum, continuing the conversations and connecting as  friends and colleagues over dinner.

GMH: Into the Future--Together!

"The GMH community must join others in the international, multi-sectoral community to advocate for solidarity in common efforts for sustainable development, locally and globally, to stir up and consolidate the best that we can be as individuals and institutions, including: greater empathy for others and mutual reliance on others; greater existential awareness of our finiteness and sense of meaning in life; and greater engagement with others for the common good and protection of the most vulnerable as well as the planet. Positively, the protracted COVID-19 pandemic provides plenty of opportunities for us all--personally, locally, and internationally--to reflect on the types of people we want to be and the types of societies we need to build. Many conversations have been started on the basis of the experience of the pandemic, which must now be operationalized into practical approaches to achieve the types of changes we have to make.

If we are to learn lessons and move towards a new way of realizing mental health and wellbeing for all, we must persevere in calling for policy and action that has compassion, equity, and rights at its heart. The call is a summons for humanity—humans helping humans. It is everyone’s responsibility. Stay the course!"

GMH: Collaborating for Sustainable Development and Wellbeing (March 2021). O'Donnell, K., Eaton, J., & Lewis O'Donnell, M. A revised version of this article will appear in the forthcoming volume (in press): E.P. Congress, H. Takooshian, & S. Osborn (Eds.), Behavioral Science and Health in the Global Arena.  Information Age Publishing.

Moral Health
What does integrity have to do with wellbeing and sustainable development?
Integrity is at the core of moral health.  And moral health at all levels--like global integrity--
must be at the core of promoting and protecting wholeness for all people and the planet.
There is no "planetary health" without moral health!

See the five "spotlight events" for you from Global Integrity Day--9 June 2022.
The focus this year on the "integrity and corruption in the health sector."  

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