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A Global Map for a Global Movement
This site is part of a collaborative project to further orient colleagues to Global Mental Health (GMH). It complements the growing efforts to develop GMH around the world, to work collaboratively across sectors, and to promote sustainable development for all people and the planet. Click here for information about the GMH-Map Project. Member Care Associates:

GMH Defined. GMH is an international, interdisciplinary, culturally-relevant, and multi-sectoral domain which promotes human well being, the right to health, and equity in health for all.
It encourages healthy behaviours and lifestyles; is committed to preventing and treating mental, neurological, and substance use conditions (MNS); and seeks to improve policies and programs, professional practices and research, advocacy and awareness, and social and environmental factors that affect health and well being." (based on the definition in GMH--Finding Your Niches and Networks

Getting Oriented
For comprehensive updates, see the various
GMH newsletters and GMH websites.
Watch the TEDTalk by Dr. Vikram Patel: Mental Health for All by Involving All. 

Featured Highlights

2016 Summer Institute in Global Mental Health ; Teachers College, Columbia University, New York; July 5, 2016 - July 10, 2016

This is a six-day intensive training course for mental health and allied professionals and trainees working with populations exposed to severe adversities and trauma worldwide. The course instructors are leading experts in GMH: Peter Ventevogel, MD (the Mental Health Senior Expert of UNHCR) will train in the mhGAP - Humanitarian Intervention Guide (WHO) and Lena Verdeli, PhD, MSc ( Associate Prof. Teachers College, Columbia University) and Kathy Clougherty, LCSW  will train in  Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT-G).  The IPT-G manual will be disseminated globally by the World Health Organization this summer. For registration and information:

Out of the Shadows: Making  Mental Health A Global Development Priority
World Bank and WHO, 13-14 April 2016, Washington DC

Update 19 April 2016--Read/watch the MHIN summary:

One Humanity: Shared Responsibility, 
UN (Feb 2016--humanitarian action/change, World Humanitarian Summit)

April Update--See the core reports here, enroute to the WHS 23-24 May:

Ten Psychological Tactics for Avoiding Accountability

Guest weblog by Kelly O'Donnell for the CHS Alliance (24 Feb 2016)

GMH Week Geneva, 5-10 October 2015

(some of the events happening in Geneva in advance of World Mental Health Day,10 October)

6 October: Presentations on MH in Humanitarian Settings (5 Oct), MH in Priority Health Programmes (WHO)

7 October: Mental Health and NCDs--The UN 2030 Agenda  (NGO Forum for Health)

8-9 October: mhGAP Forum (World Health Organization)

GMH Overview Article and Powerpoint
GMH: Tracking and Trekking Across Sectors, Kelly and Michele O'Donnell
Short version--
Psychology International, June 2015
Full version--
Click here (10 pages)
Power point--GMH: Tracking and Trekking Across Sectors
(William James College, Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Health, USA, 26 June 2015)

United Nations Sustainable Development Process
(1 August 2015)

 (June 2015, unedited version)

(Synthesis Report, World Humanitarian Summit., September 2015)

Global Integration Updates

--April 2016: Global Strides (special events for improving our world)
–February 2016:
 Working Together Well (featured resources on humanitarian action)
–December 2015: 
Staying Current–Navigating the News (core items re: global issues)
–October 2015: 
Transforming Our World (the UN agenda for sustainable development)

–August 2015: Faith-Based Partners in Transformation (working together for wellbeing)

More Highlights--2015-2016
(many more materials are in the Featured Items section)

Overviews, News, and Views
7 January 2016--Health, Education, Development. and Security--some reflections by Dr. Eliot Sorel

September 2015 Psychology International (includes examples of psychology in the global context as well as a review of the two-volume compendium of Psychology Serving Humanity); June 2015 Psychology International (includes short articles on psychology in Latin America, GMH materials/resources update, review of the edited GMH text by Patel, Minas, Cohen, and Prince, etc.)

Bi-weekly news bulletin from the APA Office of International Affairs with information about opportunities for international engagement in mental health ( For more information or to send information to include:

Transcultural Psychiatry (Dec. 2014)--Special journal issue on GMH; free access to the opening editorial, 12 pages with reflections on contributions from GMH and concerns about GMH 

Advocacy and Programmes
 #FundaMentalSDG is an initiative aiming to include [as of September 2015] specific mental health indicators in the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development. Go to the website for more information and to watch the short and moving advocacy video on mental health by Robin Hammond:  

Reports and Resolutions
Mental Health Atlas 2014, World Health Organization (2015) This new edition of Mental Health Atlas…is providing much of the baseline data against which progress towards the objectives and targets of the Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020 is to be measured.” (website). Click here to access the press release and podcast which overview the findings (on the Mental Health Innovation Network website).

World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior (World Bank, Dec 2014).."Development policies based on new insights into how people actually think and make decisions will help governments and civil society achieve development goals more effectively. A richer and more accurate understanding of human behavior can make it easier to tackle such difficult development challenges as increasing productivity, breaking the cycle of poverty from one generation to the next, and acting on climate change...." (from official Press Release)

Books and Journals
Global Mental Health: Anthropological Perspectives (2015), edited by Brandon Kohrt and Emily Mendenhall, Left Coast Press. 

Re-Visioning Psychiatry:Cultural Phenomenology, Critical Neuroscience, and Global Mental Health (2015), edited by Laurence Kirmayer, Robert Lemelson, and Constance Cummings)

Global Mental Health, is an open access journal from Cambridge University Press which "aims to publish papers that apply the global point of view to mental health research...seeks to cultivate the emerging field of [GMH], and to provide a forum for the publication of the new perspectives and paradigms developing from it." Four categories of papers to be included: Interventions, Etiology, Policy and Systems, Training and Learning.  

Videos and Films (2013-2014)
Living with a Black Dog (animated, creative video to support those who help others with depression; a companion video to I Had a Black Dog)

Condemned is a powerful (and disturbing but hopefully motivating) four minute video focusing on mental disabilities in Africa countries in crisis. It won second place in the Contemporary Issues category of the 2014 World Press Photo Awards. Done by Robin Hammond. 

Hidden Pictures Project. The first short video features the work of Vikram Patel in India, recruiting/training community members to provide basic counseling. 

Breaking the Chains (Indonesia, Erminia Colucci)

Humanitarian and MHPSS

Humanitarian Effectiveness and Staff Wellbeing, webinar organized by Humanitarian Professionals in Assistance and Protection, 30 July 2015. (audio and powerpoint available online, opening 30 minute presentation by Dr. Alastair Ager, Columbia University)

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Advocacy Document, IASC Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (July 2015) This brief advocacy document was submitted recently to the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS). The focus is on how MHPSS contributes to the four themes of the WHS: 'Humanitarian Effectiveness', 'Reducing vulnerability and managing risk', 'Transformation through Innovation' and 'Serving the needs of people in conflict'.  The main messages: “MHPSS should be integrated into all humanitarian responses. All people affected by disasters, conflict and chronic adversities should have access to appropriate MHPSS to restore day-to-day functioning and recovery.”  The WHS will be held in Istanbul 23-34 May 2016.

Training and Events
Global Perspectives on Mental Wellbeing--Knowledge Exchange/Summer School. A one-week course offered by the University of Glasgow and University of Rwanda, 15-19 June 2015, Kigali, Rwanda. Contact: 
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