About Us

Organized:  1896                                Federated:  1909
The Philaco Woman's Club of Apalachicola was organized in 1896 as the Woman's Reading Club.  By 1903, the Club had broadened its scope of work, being active in civic and educational affairs, as well as cultural, and a new name was sought to reflect more accurately the Club's purpose.  Mrs. Buffum, then President, took the name of the town, Apalachicola, and using no letter of the original twice, gave a motto from the new combination:
PHIL...........Meaning Brotherly Love
AC..............Meaning Hospitality, Bravery and Growth
O................Characterizes dignity and added to an integer, increases it ten times
Philaco has more than 60 members, including businesswomen, teachers, homemakers and retirees.  Members' diversity unites them through a dedication to volunteer service.  Among other accomplishments, Philaco Woman's Club founded the Apalachicola Municipal Library, and has been awarding annual scholarships to graduating seniors for many years.