We are thrilled to announce the availablity of our Annual Senior Scholarship!  All forms and paperwork must be submitted to us by February 16, 2015. 

We will be having our Christmas meeting early this year.  We will be meeting a Benedict Hall at Trinity Episcopal Church in Apalachicola on Thursday, December 13, 2012.  We will be inducting our new members, so please come join us in welcoming our new Philaco sisters!  Also, don't forget a donation for the Backpack buddies program!!
See you there!

On Saturday, May 19, 2012 we held our annual Awards Luncheon.  We are so proud to be able to donate to our many worthwhile charities, as well as award a Scholarship to a graduate of a local school.  Congratulations to all, and a big thank you to our members who make it all possible!
We were also happy to recognize the following members for 10 years of service:
Marcia Johnson
Monica Lemieux                                
June Medley                                        
Dawn Radford
Celeste Wall
For 15 years of service:
Alice Jean Gibbs and Shirley Taylor
For 20 years of service:
Elizabeth Cook and Jan Dooley

Four of us attended the FFWC Convention held in Orlando, and brought home lots of useful information.  We attended the "Hats Off to Volunteers" luncheon, and represented our Club proudly!
Hats Off to Volunteers!

Make sure you attend our Conservation meeting on April 19 at St. George Island Lighthouse Park.  Please bring your own place setting of reusable luncheon plates, utensils and cups.  We will give a John Spohrer print to the winner of the best place setting!!!!

Congratulations to our new slate of officers, who will be voted on at our April meeting:
President:                    Jackie Bell
1st Vice President:       Ginny Griner
2nd Vice President:      Ann Cowles
Treasurer:                   Bonnie Barnaby
Recording Sec'y:          Heather Guidry
Corresponding Sec'y:   Adele Colston

Congratulations to Judy Cook, Barb Paget and Sally Crown on their District 2 Arts and Crafts Blue Ribbons.  See the Arts and Crafts Page to see photos of the winning entries, as well as pictures of the District meeting on February 4, 2012.

I've posted pictures of some of our Arts and Crafts entries.  Please check them out!!

Don't forget our Arts and Crafts meeting on January 19.  We should have some beautiful local arts and crafts, and hopefully pictures will follow!
Call Barb Paget if you need any information either about the meeting, or the way in which Arts and Crafts should be submitted at the meeting.

We have only 13 Christmas trees available, so call Lois Swoboda if you would like one of our last Trees!!!

Join us for our annual Christmas Reception on Thursday, December 15, 2011.  We will be at the St. George Island Methodist Church.  The Board will provide lunch, and we ask that members either donate desserts, or $10 to help with expenses.  Our Philaco Choir will be providing entertainment, and we are collecting holiday food donations for the local Food Pantry.  Please feel free to c 
The Arts and Crafts Committe helped to decorate both Raney House and Orman House for the Christmas holidays!  Check the Arts and Crafts page for pictures.

The Home Life Committe met and decorated some beautiful trays to be delivered to Meals on Wheels clients.  Check the Home Life home page for pictures!

The Conservation Committee has decorated 50 Christmas trees and they are going fast!!  There are an additional 50 to be decorated, so get your order in!!  Contact Lois Swoboda.  Pictures of this year's trees are here and on the Conservation Page:

Barb Paget has announced that she would like to briefly meet with her Committee members after the November general meeting to plan the January Arts and Crafts meeting.  Thanks in advance.

 Lois Swoboda is taking orders for Living Christmas trees.  Get your order in now!  The trees are decorated, and can then be planted in the ground.


The Arts and Crafts categories have been updated on the webiste.  Click on the Arts and Crafts Categories, and the changes have been lightlighted in green.

A huge thank you to Adele Colston for organizing our Oyster Festival booth on October 8.  It was a very successful fundraiser, and a lot of fun, as well!
 Adele Colston, Marilyn Hogan and Jackie Bell                                                                                                            Marilyn Hogan and Mary Harrell

Keep checking back for information about the upcoming Seafood Festival
Jackie Bell,
Jan 18, 2015, 8:44 AM