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Technical Career Institutes

I began teaching at Technical Career Institutes (TCI) in New York City in May 2009, joining the ranks of full-time instructors there in August 2010 and remaining there until August 2013.  The school, a technical college offering a number of two-year degrees (and which was working to expand its offerings to baccalaureate degrees when I left), primarily serves traditionally-underprivileged student populations; such students are as deserving of academic rigor and intellectual challenge as any others, and I strove to offer those things to them.
Most of my early teaching at TCI was in remedial reading, remedial composition, and developmental composition.  After my promotion to full-time status, I taught more mainstream composition and higher-level writing, as well as public speaking and the occasional literature class.  All classes sought to help students acquire the basic academic socialization and skill-sets they need to be successful in their further studies and, it is to be hoped, beyond.  Also sought was the development of a helpful and enriching enthusiasm for study itself.
Subpages linked below offer materials regarding assignments, grading standards, and general reference for those interested. They are retained for archival and reference purposes only.