Labor (Union) Relations

have been involved with unions from both the perspective of a union member and as an administrator negotiating on behalf of the University.  During my first faculty appointment at Ferris State University I walked a picket line and attended union meetings during a particularly contentious negotiation.  From an administrative perspective I have had the following experience:
  • I led an administrative team reviewing and revising the memorandum of agreement (faculty handbook) between FHSU and the AAUP bargaining unit. 
  • I have worked with bargaining unit representation during the appeals process for tenure and promotion at FHSU.
  • Was an administrative member the Mercy Faculty Handbook (essentially the union contract and working conditions agreement) committee that negotiated the last major overhaul of the document over a two year period with the Faculty Association.
  • At Stony Brook, where the faculty and staff are represented by one union, I worked with HR and labor relations on a number of grievances which led to resolution.