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Personal Motivation, Mission & Goals


I was the first person in my family to graduate high school and get a college degree. My education provided me with a higher quality, and more rewarding lifestyle than would have been possible had I persisted in the blue collar environment in which I was raised. I am very grateful for these opportunities, cognizant of the benefits that a good educational system can provide society, and find it personally rewarding to pay these benefits forward. From this motivation I derive the following professional mission.

Professional Mission

To promote social justice by increasing access to a quality education that students can successfully complete to improve the quality and productivity of their lives.

I have created the following goals to serve this mission.


  • Translate what is known about the science of effective learning into course and academic program design, delivery, and assessment, so that more students can successfully graduate.
  • Given the growing and overwhelming amount of dynamic information needed for proficiency, promote an educational approach that values critical thinking and understanding over memorization, and a lifelong just-in-time rather than a just-in-case model of learning.
  • Increase access to education by providing flexible course delivery mechanisms that enable place bound or working students to pursue or complete their education in a timelier way.
  • Provide a rich tapestry of student support services that ensure a high proportion of our students achieve the credential they set out to earn.
  • Create an organizational structure and entrepreneurial culture that nurtures and rewards the pursuit of excellence in our faculty and staff.