Generating Alternative Revenue

If current national trends continue unchanged, state support for higher education will, on average, no longer exist by 2052. A tuition dependent institution must plan for this eventuality. To keep tuition affordable at either private or state institutions, costs can be offset with out-of-state and international enrollments, both on-campus and at international partner institutions. There are many strategies which I have used to generate alternative revenue streams-
  • While Provost at FHSU, where state funding had been declining for a number of years, we were able to offset the cuts by growing enrollments online, at our international campuses, and by creating new partnerships abroad. As a result, gross revenue and enrollments increased each year.
  • In concert with our partners and independently, FHSU was able to grow international student enrollments on our home campus. With this experience I have developed a unique business plan which has the potential to generate a significant revenue stream and build international enrollments.
  • Our faculty research and resultant intellectual property can generate royalties.  I have experience guiding company formation, the IP transfer process, patent application and review, and working with funding agencies. 
  • Grantsmanship can generate indirect costs and direct funding for institutional initiatives.  I also have experience raising nearly $7 million from donors and foundations for university growth.
  • I have experience developing partnerships with businesses in the US, including working with local employers to create residency opportunities for students, and raising program development funding.