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Matching a personality to a job is as important as the knowledge and experience a person brings to it. I took a personality profile test some years ago and was surprised at how accurately the results described me.  They are summarized below:
  • Likes a fast pace, new activities, change, and variety
  • Is quick to act and create a sense of urgency in others
  • Enjoys challenges and competition
  • Can move forcefully to get results
  • Uses a direct, action-oriented approach to solving problems
  • Likes to interact with many different types of people
  • Likes to express thoughts and feelings to others
  • Is animated and enthusiastic in expression
  • Is quick to adapt to new ideas and changes
  • Seeks to find ways to interact positively in difficult situations

I would add that in doing all of the above I like to have fun, and expect to be challenged by the people around me.