Thank you for visiting my digital portfolio which is intended to support my search for a leadership role at an institution of higher education and provide you with a more interactive review of my credentials than can be provided on paper. You will find many examples of my work in addition to links to richer information embedded within the pages of this site. I built this site over many years as I applied for various positions. Its content is based on the most common questions and qualifications asked of job candidates. It is also a "practice what you preach" project, as I am a great believer in metacognition, and have established ePortfolio systems for students, faculty and staff at a number of institutions.  In the same vein, I have created the Higher Education Leadership Learning Online (HELLO) Community to assist other Higher Ed leaders by providing shared resources, networking opportunities and community support.

Executive Summary

Having served on numerous search committees for many senior academic administrators I understand the challenge of this work. From my own experience, once assured that a candidate has the education, appropriate employment history, skills and experience to do the job, personal character - such as vision and motivation, leadership and management skills, personality, ethics, and what excites the candidate about their chosen career, is of primary interest.

As a first-generation student who is eternally grateful for the opportunities provided me by a good education, I am driven to pay these opportunities forward. As a result, my professional mission is to promote social justice by increasing access to a quality education that students can successfully complete to improve the quality and productivity of their lives. The focus of my career has therefore been on improving faculty knowledge and skills, degree access, the quality of teaching, course & curricular design, learning spaces, and student support services.

I have worked with and learned from many wonderful faculty, administrators and staff at a variety of institutions and believe, based on my unique background and experience, that I can help craft the vision, supportive policies and appropriately directed resources to create an exceptional educational institution.

In my vision statement I offer some potential strategies that could distinguish an institution of higher education within the marketplace. I also outline some of the common higher education challenges that need to be addressed to create an institution with a national reputation as a leader in higher education.

For a complete overview of my credentials please download a copy of my C.V. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Contact Information


Graham Glynn,
Feb 11, 2018, 12:12 PM