Wool Comforters and Lamb Pelts

I have friends that use these wool comforters year-round!
Great for wedding or Christmas presents that will be kept for generations. 

Wool Comforters
These wool comforters are made from the fleeces removed from the ewes when the weather begins to warm in spring before they lamb.  A friend of mine calls them the "non-electric electric blanket"!  They are made of wool batting covered in 100% cotton unbleached muslin, tied with yarn every 10 inches to keep the wool from shifting.  They are designed to have a duvet cover put over them.  Wool is non-allergenic and extremely warm, yet these comforters are much lighter weight than a standard wool blanket.  They make a humane alternative to industrial down, which nowadays is not coming from the occasional goose your grandmother might have prepared for a family meal!  These comforters will last a lifetime and make a wonderful gift for important occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, baby showers or a house warming.
                Twin:                   (90"x60")    $150
                Full:                     (82"x90")    $210    
                Queen:                 (90"x90")    $240   
                King:                  (108"x90")    $300   

Update: I ordered extra last time so I have some here at the farm. As of January 2018 there is one each twin, full and queen, and two king size comforters left.  

*****Comforters normally only available by special order:  If I am out f what you want, and you are interested, you need to put in an order no later than mid-April since shearing takes place the first week of April.  I send some wool to my mill by the end of April, and the comforters are back in time for cool fall weather.  I ask for a deposit of half the total cost when the wool goes to the mill, balance payable when the comforters get back in July.   Contact me if you want to put in an order.  gansvoort@gmail.com

Lamb Pelts
The Icelandic genetics in my flock provide for fabulous white or colored pelts.  I have them tanned using a method that allows them to be washable in cold water.  Prices range from $150 to $200 depending on size and coloration.  I usually get them back from the tannery in February/March each year.  Call or e-mail for availability. 

Pelts just arrived from the tannery for spring 2018!  These are really luscious!  Please contact me if you are interested. gansvoort@gmail.com