Wool Comforters and Lamb Pelts

Wool Comforters

These comforters are made from the wool from spring shearing just before before lambing starts in April. They are made of wool batting covered in 100% cotton unbleached muslin, tied with yarn every 10 inches to keep the wool from shifting. They are designed to have a duvet cover put over them. Wool is non-allergenic and extremely warm, yet these comforters are much lighter weight than a standard wool blanket. They make a humane alternative to industrial down, which nowadays is not coming from the occasional goose your grandmother might have prepared for a family meal! These comforters will last a lifetime and make a wonderful gift for important occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, baby showers or a house warming. Fabulous for Christmas, too!

You will find them at Hearty Roots Farm Store across the road. Inventory from the wool clip in April 2021 is in the store as of October 2021. This year the comforters are made from wool from a neighboring flock in Red Hook - so still very local!

Comforter Prices Fall 2021

Lap: (45"x60") $169

Twin: (90"x60") $299

Full: (81"x90") $399

Queen: (90"x90") $439

King: (108"x90") $519

Lamb Pelts

The Icelandic genetics provide for fabulous white or colored pelts. They are tanned using a method that allows them to be washable in cold water. Prices range from $140 to $220 depending on size and coloration.

Pelts are available at Hearty Roots Farm Store right across the road. Prices are the same as I charge here, so please support the store!